David Icke: The Cosmic Game

From my notes:

The black hole at the center of our galaxy resonates the base frequency of this reality. And this frequency triggers information for our sun in our solar system to deliver information from the photons. What this creates is an information background construct that is exactly the same as the wireless construct of the internet. The chi energy of the Chinese meridian lines of the body is photon energy. The energy through the earth’s ley lines is photon energy.

This frequency doesn’t stay static, it goes through its cycle, creating epochs, periods of experience on this planet. We are now at a juncture between two epochs. We’ve been through this period of suppression, the dark ages of this cycle. Now this is coming to an end, and we’re moving into a different energetic construct, much more expanded. The Age of Aquarius, the Mayan Calendar — these are basically different expressions of the same thing.

The control system has been working to dilute the effectiveness of this vibrational change. They’re trying to keep us connected to the old one so we won’t expand into the new one. This Orwellian period of control is not primarily an effort to have more power. Actually they’re trying to stop this vibrational power from waking us up.

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