Conscious Dying: only when you have been told you have only weeks to live, does “life scream at you with its intensity.”

I learned today, that my 96-year-old father, a retired physician., has been told that he has from two months to one year to live. Our large family is fortunate, in that we may be able to celebrate with him, a long, slow good-bye.

Deeply philosophical and spiritual, Dad has been preparing for this moment for many years.

This video reminds me of him, and of how we can be, when we awaken into Life’s dear, clear, bell-like trajectory.

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In “When I Die” Philip Gould shares his thoughts and insights as he confronts his impending death from oesophageal cancer. How do we approach death whilst embracing life? How can we change the conversation around death and palliative care for the terminally ill? Please share this film and join the conversation #WhenIDie. Philip believed that for the terminally ill and those close to them, there can be moments of joy, resolution and inspiration just as intense as those of fear, discomfort and sadness.

Filmed during the last 2 weeks of Philip’s life, this intimate portrait reveals his quest to find purpose and meaning in what he called “The Death Zone”. He had been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in 2008 and was given three months to live in the summer of 2011.

Philip Gould’s book, “When I Die: Lessons from the Death Zone” is published in the UK by Little Brown. Proceeds from the book will go to the National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Fund (donations to ) and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (donations to )

Here’s one man’s review of this startling little video.

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