Compendium of “what we are up against” re: ongoing Covid Con. Plus, they know it all?

I don’t usually drink beer, but a neighbor handed us a six pack of this beer just prior to yesterday evening’s crowded, merry, weekly Green Acres Community Dinner out on the patio, and I just couldn’t resist.

If anyone doubted that this human world is being managed and directed by forces beyond our control, hopefully last year, 2020, put those doubts to rest. And now, in 2021, we’re forced to recognize that the goal of covid was the vaccine. And of course, the goal of the vaccine is something even more sinister, with a few further steps yet to go: a permanently locked down, largely depopulated, draconian New World Order.

Oh, and of course, one of the therapeutics recently mentioned as a possible antidote to the spike proteins in the vaccine, NAC, has now, of course, been banned. Or did I say that already?

A few tidbits I came across recently:

Really, we might ask, is any blood safe, what with all the processed food, plus poisonous cancer treatments, massive sugar, alcohol and drug addictions, both pharmaceutical and not. Whose blood is actually safe to inject into another? This makes me wonder: you know how people freeze their eggs, how about freezing one’s own blood. Is this ever done?

Then there’s this, a soylent-green echo.

Is the above true? I have no idea. But the idea is definitely out there in the alternative news world, including from Mike Adams. And as for blood, so also for liquified human remains; we don’t need the covid, or the vax, to know just how polluted most humans are, dead or alive.

Mike Adams also picked up on this next one,  a CVS pharmacist who blew the whistle. Guess what: pharmacies are getting lots of money to get the jab into as many as possible. I.e., they’re being bribed, just like hospitals received (still receive?) huge bribes for admissions that claimed “covid,” and even more for putting patients on respirators that proved deadly to most.

Then there’s this, adding another dimension to our collective miasm. Very interesting.

And, in case you want more more more, Martin Geddes has sent his email subscribers his list.


Genocide by gene therapy:
a reading list

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A summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [PDF] — UNICEF
A MILLION IN MOTION | The Month the Tide Turned | London May 2021 — YouTube
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The Demonization of the Unvaxxed — Karen Hunt
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Dr Byram Bridle, Professor of Viral Immunology: The Spike Protein in the Covid Vaccines is a Very Dangerous Toxin — The White Rose
‘Urgent’ British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans — America’s Frontline Doctors
An Integrous Judge & Vallance’s Prior Knowledge of Adverse Events — The Bernician
Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Vax — Rense

And finally to cheer us up a bit… music from Remeece.


However, if this next source proves real, it may be that “white hats” know everything. That not just the election, not just pedophilia and human trafficking, but every aspect of even the covid con is part of the most enormous sting the world has ever seen.

And more:

BTW: we’ve got to remember that even though the virus was manufactured in China, it was conceived and designed in the United States. As usual. Some doctor pointed this out, can’t remember which one.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Vitamin D discussion + Vitamin C discussion, first 33 minutes of video

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