Cognitive Dissonance Department: Greece, Iran



While I tend to hail both the analyses of Yanis Varoufakis on the tragic situation of Greece and the very fact that a new Iran nuclear deal has just been signed, here are two alternative points of view that make me pause.

First, Greece. F. William Engdahl begs to differ. See just about anything he’s written on the subject of Greece and Yanoufakis, for example:

What Stinks about Vanoufakis and the Whole Greek Mess

Next Iran: Check this out:

Warnng: Nuclear Deal with Iran Prelude to War, not “Breakthrough”

I suggest that “truth” is what we bring into existence through our collective intent. If our fears overwhelm us, then we will see whatever “happens” as prelude to all sorts of bad stuff — that will happen, as predicted! If our love prevails, then even forms that look “evil” can be energized for the common good. See this:

Epistemological Ambiguities: “Forms” and the Energies that Inspire Them


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