Cobra: On why we don't (can't) get real info on UFO — and more

I used to pay a lot of attention to Cobra, then my interest fell off. Now it’s back again, at least for this particular post, especially the part about the “Chimera group.” True? When I google that phrase I come up with nothing except Cobra’s references and some kind of investment and trading company. But Cobra says Chimera is responsible for a “scalar UFO detection grid” powered from Long Island, “that covers the whole planet.” Really? Project “MoonDust,” also mentioned here in the context of Chimera, does have lots of google references.

The more I publish this kind of seemingly wild stuff, the more I realize I’m in WAY over my head. I’ve started to assume that whatever I repost that has a lot of strangeness in it is either 80% bullshit or 20% bullshit, one or the other, but which is which? In any case, this post is so interesting that I couldn’t make myself ignore it. C’est la vie!

COBRA: A New Planetary Situation Update

September 16, 2014



Clearing of the Chimera group continues, the Chimera have been removed from the European location.

Long Island remains to be their main stronghold, as they need a particle accelerator (RHIC) nearby to maintain their exotic quark weapons machinery.


Playing with strange and top quarks could be extremely dangerous, and this news is leaking into the mainstream media:

The Light forces will never allow something like that to happen.
The Chimera group has tied the scalar plasma detectors to the strangelet bombs and to the top quark condensate which would go off if significant UFO activity would be detected anywhere near the surface of the planet.

A strangelet bomb explosion is explained in the following photo:


The growth of the strangelet could theoretically continue until the whole planet would be absorbed into it, but practically the Light forces can stop the reaction long before that.
The scalar UFO detection grid covers the whole surface of the planet and is being powered from Long Island:!

This is the real reason why the positive extraterrestrials do not intervene directly and they will not do so until that danger is completely removed.

The Chimera also controls the MoonDust project, which assembled a special operations team which removes all extraterrestrial evidence from anywhere across the planet:


They also remove all genuine UFO photos from public domain and circulate many fake ones through CIA channels into the alternative media.

Thus quarantine Earth is maintained until the Chimera will be wiped out from the planet.
Until then, we will have to be content with fragments of disclosure:

Also, the Positive Military can not make a move until those dangers are removed. People are too much focused on the Cabal and tend to forget that the real obstacle is within the military-industrial complex, within the breakaway civilization and finally within the Chimera and I would suggest that those factions are exposed more in the alternative media. That would increase awareness and ease the process towards the Event. David Wilcock did a partially accurate summary of the breakaway civilization, written for the mainstream population:

As we are approaching the final breakthrough, the Galactic Central Sun is becoming more active:

Meanwhile, the Jesuits are continuing with their plan for one world religion:

They are also concentrating their attack on the Romanov White Nobility family. According to Fulford, the main spokesman for the Gnostic Illuminati who claims to be descendant of the Romanovs, was taken into a mental hospital last week. Then on Monday, the oldest member of the Romanov dynasty has died in Tuscany:

Jesuit agents are trying to turn the plans of the BRICS alliance to remove the petrodollar supremacy of the military-industrial complex into plans to use global currency reset for the Jesuit plan of world domination. You need to know that Jesuits were infiltrating China since the 16th century and they have a vast network there. Regardless, the top people within the Dragons and the Eastern Alliance are fully aware of the Jesuit manipulations and will NOT allow their positive plans to be misused.

So there is progress being made regarding the fall of the petrodollar as the only reserve currency:

There are tectonic geopolitical shifts happening in Europe as a response to the increased Galactic Central Sun activity.

Catalunya is trying to break free from Jesuit/SMOM controlled Spanish monarchy with close to 2 million people protesting in Barcelona:
At the same time, Scotland is preparing to break free from Rothschild control on Thursday:

Victory of the Light is near!

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  1. ksense says:

    The strangelet bomb appears to be the opposite of the A-bomb but with the same fear porn. Remember the fear of the atoms multiplying until all the world was engulfed in the explosion? When it comes to the big C, my bullshit meter is always at 80% 🙂

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