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Standing Rock Protests, in context: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on the “original sin of this country”

And check update, below:   Update, same day: Activist Bill Chisholm just sent me this: Protestors converge on pipeline firm after Corps of Engineers proves Native Americans were correct Standing tall at Standing Rock. At last, do the enduring values … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Oakwood Center, Selma Indiana, late August

Puppy Shadow and I got on the road heading for Oakwood Center early Saturday morning, where we met with others for a weekend of visioning the future of the Oakwood. Takeaway, for me, was that no matter where we want to … Continue reading

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LOCAL: A day in my life, late August 2016

Ever noticed how we are being invited to span vast differences in “realities”? Case in point, yesterday, a typical day for me. Early morning, walked with puppy Shadow (twice: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I also walk around the block with … Continue reading

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Florida graffiti spells out what’s ahead, plus new LOCAL photos

Mystery graffiti with grim message appears on abandoned SoBe tower Of course the letters of this message, very neatly done, were painted over within hours. For more on Florida’s disappearing land, see The Atlantic: Preparing for the Inevitable Sea Level Rise … Continue reading

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Hmmmm. . . . HAARP changes (sleight of?) hands, and trots out P.R.

This just in from a close relative, who used to live in Alaska. Interesting. My question: what is the REAL relationship between new and old owners? Furthermore, that they should feel the need for reassuring P.R. is also curious. I … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on “the opposites”: Life and Death

“Death sits on your left shoulder “— shaman Don Juan Matus, who author Carlos Casteneda claimed instructed him, back in the 1960s. Not sure that’s the actual quote, but it’s close. A message I have never forgotten. And actually, I didn’t … Continue reading

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August 12, 2016: Spectacular New Crop Circle

For more views of this gorgeous, enormous circle that for me, at least, reminds us to remember and reconnect with Mother Earth, via the three “leaves” in the center: cropcircleconnector Here’s Carol Rosin’s new two hour show with crop circle expert Suzanne Taylor, … Continue reading

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Either we center ourselves or we reap the whirlwind. Which do we choose?

I didn’t think it could happen here, in this little mecca of kindness and community that is, for the most part, Bloomington, Indiana. I was wrong. Two indications, both from just this week. First, in the interests of safety, the … Continue reading

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