Carl Boudreau, on transformative possibilities within current and ongoing solar system configurations

Carl Boudreau, more than most astrologers, knows how to parse the manifold possibilities inherent in complex astrological configurations, such as what we are being blessed/cursed with now: the on-going “grand trine” and “kite” situation among long-cycled planets Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter that is being impulsed by Uranus. He shows how this same complexity holds us into an energy field of transformative possibilities as we move through the end of this year and into the middle of 2014. “We will have many chances to get it right.”

Thanks to jhaines6 for the pointer.

Carl Boudreau’s VIDEO: The Astrology of August 2013, Pretty Much


We are experiencing a period of unusual astrological activity, even by recent standards. A powerful and especially rich mix of constructive astrological energy is being released in an unusually, well-coordinated, sustained manner over a prolonged period.

A Kite has been in the charts since June 2013. There will be a Kite in place at least part of every month until at least the middle of next year.

This activity is creating a field that supports large transformative initiatives on all levels – i.e., e.g., individually, regionally, nationally and globally. There are hints of this in the news.

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