California Dreamin’ — of Water: Take Five, Overview and LA Plans

(Check these posts for California Dreamin’: Takes One, Two, Three, and Four.)

First, some not-so-funny humor:

Poll — Americans staring to worry about climate change now that it affects their lawns

Next, an overview of the antique, jerry-rigged, me-versus-you regulations that afflict and magnify the crisis

A Guide to California’s Water Crisis and Why It’s So Hard to Fix

Finally, an interesting plan that will make lawns and swimming pools passe´ in Los Angeles. Funny thing though: the plan to build high rise apartments right beside mass transit reminds me of Agenda 21 and leads me to ask: What else is to be centrally planned for this area? And could this drought have been geoengineered to bring in Agenda 21 in California? The timing of the plan, whisked out within only weeks of Governor Brown’s new rule that 25% of urban water must be curtailed, reminded me of how the “Patriot Act” with its “Homeland Security” plan was brought out within weeks of 9/11. Obviously, that one was taken off the shelf. Was this one? Each Central Plan just requiring a dramatic event to “require” it as a “solution” to the “problem” that had led to our “reaction.”

Yep. That’s the “conspiracy theorist” in me speaking. Not that it’s the only voice inside me, but it is real, and based on picking up on the ethers of what’s attempting to be instituted from top down during these strange, horrifying, exhilarating times of total upheaval and wondering: are we in heaven, or hell?


LA Just Called. It Says to Go Find Another Dystopia

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