As Saturn in Scorpio starts to stop, turn . . . YUCK!

See this and this.

As Saturn sits on 28°20 Scorpio, seemingly stuck forever in primal, primordial Pluto’s sign, dragging down these three months (from mid-June through mid-September) during which it has slunk back into the final two degrees of Scorpio from lighter, brighter Sagittarius, to scour what remains of the putrid gunk that has filled and suffocated our so-called “civilization,” take heart! Saturn will turn to go direct on August 2. From now until August 2 (and for about a week following that) the feeling of stasis, of being bogged down, might grow even more interminable. Use this time well. Scour your own underworld for what remains of the gunk that you’d prefer not to know about. That shadow, unrecognized, sits like a cesspool, belching methane. Once acknowledged and integrated, the shadow will power your path.

Fittingly, at this potent time, David Icke, who has been covering this unbearably nasty topic for decades — at first to derisive laughter — weighs in this week on global pedophilia and satanic trafficking networks, and turns his specific focus, not just to the U.K., but here, the U.S. For an extended look at how U.S. Child Protective Services serve the sickness, check out this recent interview:

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

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  1. Kieron says:

    If you read the original article on, the reader/member comments are cringe-inducing. “Praise God Almighty,” “Thank you Jesus,” “the Lord willing,” etc. Makes me about as nauseated as reading the report. What kind of “almighty” god permits this? What kind of fool places their trust in a deity that allows this? I simply do not get it.

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