ARKCroneCast offerings for August 8, 2020: Patreon Audio: Working with the Body/Mind Split; FREE Video, Part 2, Capricorn Goals and Structure in Culture and Poltiics

New audio chapter for patrons from Ten Tools for Transformation:

CroneCast #34 | Chapter 11, Body, Part 1: Moving Into/Out of the Mind/Body Split


This week’s free Patreon and Youtube video offering:

CroneCast #31 || Capricorn Goals and Structure, Part 2: In Culture and Politics



Description: This second presentation is unusually dense and complex. So much so that I had to read out parts of what I had to say. Why? Individual and political/cultural dynamics feed one another. Plus, once you add the idea of “layering” (or: appearances and reality) to the mix, the situation gets messy, hard to talk about, and decidedly not Capricornian, which aims for formal clarity, logical argument, etc.

I discuss two examples: extreme polarization in politics and Covid’s many illusions and cover-ups, including masks.

Then, when you add the idea of “scaling up” of any political/cultural structure, the complexity increases to the point of absurdity. The entire subject provokes us to consider new ways of thinking.

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