Are Privileged People Actually Waking up?

Note: I use the word “privileged” in contrast to “deplorable.”

When I think about all the mainstream media hoopla that promoted the false flag that started the Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin), or the one that started the Iraq War (WMD), I am amazed that human beings still beLIEve the MSM news.

Full confession: I too, was bamboozled by the Gulf of Tonkin false flag; but not ever, EVER, again. And certainly, the WMD excuse for the Iraq War, following on the heels of 9/11, that gigantic false flag that signalled the real start of the 21st century, that false flag  that got everything going, the endless war on terror, itself manufactured by those who would destroy it, was so obviously ridiculous to me that I felt ashamed of my fellow human beings, and furious, that they could not see through the massive hype still put out by, for example, that “paper of record,” the New York Times which, I still, at that time, and for nearly another decade, subscribed to, print edition.

How times have changed! Indeed, it was following on the heels of finally letting that subscription die, and turning to internet sources of all kinds instead, that I was moved to begin this blog, back in early 2011.

So now we have two more false flags, both of them designed to begin a war with Iran. First, the tanker attacks. And now the downed drone.  Will these false flags do the trick?

I was thrilled to see that the still privileged readers of the New York Times aren’t going to take it anymore! That they too, now realize that any excuse to war on Iran is just that, an excuse. Period.

Readers Call Out NYT for Abetting War Against Iraq, now Iran

All of which reminds me, time to review again, the Howard Beale rant, from the 1976 movie, Network.

On the other hand, of course, there may be an entirely different scenario at work here. Trump may be aiming to take out a certain pinpoint target in Iran just to make sure the deep state CIA nest there is really gone. If so, it’s part of the same pattern he followed with Korea (get rid of the CIA inside before making peace) and Syria (pinpoint a certain target, and that alone). For this kind of an interpretation see the X-22 reports, which I tend to follow daily. And in that case, Trump really is the peace promoting president we have all been waiting for. He’d better be. If not, we’re all going to get mad as hell and we’re definitely not going to take it anymore.

Latest development . . .

Trump walks Back “Iran Made Big Mistake” Tweet, Says Drone Strike May Have Really Been A Mistake

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