Are Obama and Putin talking privately?

vladimir-obama-putin-barack.siI watched a 4-part PBS “American Experience” documentary on the life of JFK over the past few evenings, and was reminded of how Kennedy and Khruschchev, who at first did not trust each other, ended up in secret communication during the Cuban Missile crisis, a communication that resulted in the Russian warships loaded with missiles heading for Cuba turning around in exchange for our privately taking out missiles in Turkey trained on Russia. That was in 1962, 52 years ago, just past a Chiron return for that event. Chiron symbolizes the wound and the healing of the wound. Might this drama, with apparently also private communication between the leaders of the two nations, be a deja vu that does, over time, heal?

If so, it may be that the image of Obama as a bumbling leader is a cover of some kind for reasons that no doubt only deepest insiders understand. I try to keep in mind that nothing, but nothing, these days, is as it seems.

Russia’s Leader Putin Rejects Ukrainian Separatists’ Aim to Become Part of Russia

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