An astonishing book that I didn’t know I was looking for: DIE WISE


I’m about one-third through, savoring every train of thought and feeling that Jenkinson explores, often with surprising twists and turns, and a deep, deep penetration into the psychology, sociology, economics, philosophy, and culture of our individual and collective avoidance of death and the deathing process. Here’s one pregnant, trenchant paragraph. There are thousands of others:

We aren’t taught dying in school. If you think that sex education in schools was an uphill battle, try getting death education into the curriculum. I have, and it should be in the dictionary entry defining “futile.” Kids are taught the life cycle, but it’s usually the life cycle of frogs. They aren’t often taught that it includes death, and they’re rarely taught that it includes them. We have no mentors for dying, no National Living Treasures skilled in the traditional arts of dying well. Instead, we have legions of accomplices in the project of not dying, and others in the project of hiding it away. We have just about no tradition of dying well. If you are not born with the instinct for dying well, you have to learn it. I wish you every success in finding someone who is good at it and is willing to teach you. You have to learn how to die, or you probably will not die wisely or well.

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  1. Cate says:

    Hi Ann,
    Have to order this book.
    And you can see a free video- just google Grief Walker. It’s on Google, Netflix, etc. where in this author inteeviews dying folks, and really has great message. I’m sure the book is an outgrowth.

    One of our friends who is dying came across the video and we have shared it with so many. I’m expereincing so many folks at this stage as I get older and craving any resources like this.
    Also can’t wait to catch up on your latest blogs. I’m just recovering from total hip replacement and all the breathing and yoga has paid off once again.
    Miss you ….

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