Amish Farmer works to "actively restore the balance in natural systems"

Here’s an article that I’ve had on my back burner for awhile. I wondered when I was “supposed to” post it. . .

Then this morning, at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market, where I went to pick up some local frozen marrow bones for bone broth, I ran into Nathan Harman, one of the sellers. Here he is in August, a pic I took from his facebook page:

10550819_10202425412934190_254713798531549962_nNathan is the young man who first turned me on to permaculture, then suggested I buy the house next door and turn its sunny lawn into a permaculture garden, then, for a year, served as one of our permaculture workshop teachers. So he figures big in my life.

advancingEcoAgriculture_logoWhat’s Nathan doing now? He’s a consultant for AEA, Advancing Eco Agriculture, the founder of which, John Kempf, is the subject of the post that I’m now finally going to put up! Nathan has transformed into a salesman, for products he loves and totally believes in, teaching big ag farmers to switch from pesticides and herbicides to minerals. A huge step in shifting industrial ag to production permaculture. Most permaculture plots are small, garden-sized; we need to scale it way up. NOW.

From The Atlantic,

The Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture

Want more?

Here’s an video interview Dr. Mercola did with John Kempf, on “high performance agriculture” that works on small scale gardens too.

Hmmm. I just recognized the synchronicity between my going to the market to get bones to make bone marrow broth to increase the minerals in my bones and teeth and the re- mineralization that’s essential for soil health.

At every level, we need to “actively restore the balance in natural systems.”


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