Alternative visions, alternative futures: Transnational Corporate Trade Treaties or Mother Earth and her Earthlings


And see this:

So. Are we to continue to”believe in” the crushing, crystalized, concretization of the grinding, mechanical, increasingly electronic, robotic, artificial matrix that most people still think is “real” — and therefore it still is?

Or are we to intend that Mother Earth shall be primary. That we live upon her, that we depend on her utterly; that we feel her sensitivity and communication with us through the exquisite resonance of our own sensitive bodies; that we acknowledge both her power and complexity beyond human measure and her startling beauty and abundance. That we move into awe and gratitude, stunned into ecstasy by the miracle that is the presence, in and through us and all other Earthlings, of the living, conscious being we know as Earth, or Gaia, or whatever we want to call this open, vibrant, humming astonishment.

Secret negotiations on trade treaties, a threat to human rights — UN expert


Law of Mother Earth — A Vision from Bolivia

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