Alex Jones riffs while standing at a magazine rack re: “royal” wedding

This is amazing. How many of us have stood in front of magazine racks and thought the same thoughts that Alex Jones mutters here, low, fast, furious, utterly disgusted.

Even during my still-brainwashed early 20s, I’d stand in front of magazine racks and feel utterly alienated, instinctively repelled by so-called “women’s magazines” that touted tricks as to how to appear more beautiful so you could attract a richer man.

Yep, I’m with Alex here. A “royal” wedding? Pul-eeese! Give us a break.

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4 Responses to Alex Jones riffs while standing at a magazine rack re: “royal” wedding

  1. claudia says:

    I believe his anger has distorted his perspective concerning the information he disseminates.

    • I’m sure that’s true. On the other hand, at least he’s deeply in touch with his anger, rather than ignoring it, projecting it, or denying it. And he’s doing something with it, day after day.

      Certainly, for me, letting go of my enormous anger was key to my own evolution and my capacity to then share and help others.

      • claudia says:

        I believe he is disseminating anger as well as information and that there is a
        component of projection in his perspective.

        • Yep. Still worth it for me, however, to check in to see what he’s doing once in a while. He’s the perfect candidate for the adjective I love so much, “bloviating” . . .

          Whoever I “follow,” it eventually becomes more evident what their biases are. No one is without them. Except me, of course (joke!)

          At least with Alex Jones, it’s obvious that he’s prejudiced. The ones who pretend objectivity are the more dangerous . . . people might believe that their info is NOT tainted.

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