” 9/11: Explosive Evidence” airs on Colorado PTS and Chris Hedges shows how 9/11 is used to ramp up endless war

Several people alerted me to Saturday (August 18th) Colorado PTS courageous airing of 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.

You can watch the whole two hour movie on youtube here. Unfortunately, I have not yet had a chance to do so. However, here are a few comments to the station that give the flavor:

Gratitude to CPT

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Toni Fitch

Program: 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (106 comments)

Deepest thanks to CPT and to all who, at great personal expense, have had the courage to dare to take on this critical inquiry. The horrors of 9/11 aren’t historical, they remain current and ongoing…and though we’ve been admonished for years to ‘look forward rather than backward,’ to do so would be neither sane nor ethical. Enormously disturbing, question-begging evidence has been accumulating at an escalating pace for more than a decade. Holocausts happen in ‘civilized’ nations, and while I understand the psychology of denial, I can’t support it. If Daddy IS a raging lunatic, SOMEONE needs to take the knife out of his hands. I am grateful beyond language for the extraordinary and unwavering commitment of Richard Gage and ALL who have sacrificed professions, personal lives, and safety. As human beings and global citizens, we need to be relentless in our call for an independent international investigation that is witnessed, uncensored, by the world. Please see http://torontohearings.org/ for additional explicit information.

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Name Withheld

Very good! Very, very good. Bravo to CPT12. Have viewed this on youtube at the behest of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. This shows us HOW they did it. It further goes into the psychology of the denial, post the incident. From this, we need to go into the WHY of the matter; the motive. Golden Lily and Black Eagle explain — the WHY. How things are done, can take us so far. In order to cure the disease, one must understand the source — the WHY… http://mydd.com/users/indepenergy/posts/golden-lily-how-the-cia-funded-its-dirty-empire

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Ann Smith

Program: 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (106 comments)

I am always left in awe at the sheer courage being transmitted out of America since this painful event. You’ve won my heart and earned all of our respect. It’s equally as important to us Brits for the truth to come out as our sons have been sacrificed in foreign wars based on lies too. May your light of truth shine as a beacon to us all – always x. Thank you for your courage and inspiration, much respect, Ann, England.

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Tom Tvedten M.D.

I would personally like to thank you for the courage you have shown in your programming regarding the possibility that the official story regarding the crimes of 9/11 is a lie, or at least not the whole truth. I would like to add three pearls of information to the already profound information imparted by the A&E program (Architects and Engineers). First, I would like to stress that the NYNJ Port Authority (NYPA) was losing millions of dollars a year on the Twin Towers and had for at least 13 years prior to 9/11 been trying to get a permit to demolish the Twin Towers, but due to the asbestos inside and the risk to the surrounding area of Lower Manhattan, no permit was issued. Still, by law, the asbestos needed to be removed. The cost of this project alone was estimated at over a billion dollars and the area would have to be evacuated for a significant period of time. Secondly, tiny balls of elemental iron, not steel which is an alloy of iron, can be found in all of the dust samples from Ground Zero thus far tested. These “spherules” can only be formed by allowing molten iron in small droplets to harden while falling or suspended in air where surface tension forces them into the most efficient form which happens to be a round ball. Tiny round balls of elemental iron is the final solid product of a thermite reaction. Thermite in one of its many forms is the chemical used as a “cutter charge” in controlled demolition. Thirdly, at least one and perhaps two of the hijacked flights on 9/11/01 was not a regularly scheduled flight and the average booking on trans- continental weekday flights on commercial planes in 2001 was over 80%. All of the passengers and crew of all four hijacked flights that day combined would not have filled a single one of the planes. These flights were booked, or at least loaded, to less than 25% occupancy, making them perhaps the four least booked, or least occupied, trans-continental flights of that year. These three easily investigated and provable “facts” seem to have been forgotten or glossed over by the 9/11 Truth movement as well as the MSM. If the American people were aware of these simple truths, their ideas surrounding the events of 9/11 would be far different from what they are today. Further investigation of these assertions is certainly in order. If they are true, as I believe them to be (I personally know a professional photographer who worked on the permit application to bring down the Towers and have spoken with a physics professor who actually says he drug a magnet through dust from the WTC and found the tiny iron balls I referred to above.) if they are true, 9/11 was an inside job of some sort and the cover-up was a part of the original plan and carried out by a controlled MSM, both print and broadcast. The world, and especially our country, will become a much freer and better place once the truth concerning the crimes of 9/11 is revealed to the masses. Thanks again for your helping in this difficult dangerous and sometimes tedious process. Tom Tvedten M.D.


A.K. here: Yesterday, Chris Hedges posted his usual highly informed column on truthdig that details the skullduggery he witnessed during his 20 years as a war correspondent for the New York Times. This week’s column The War in the Shadows, included this summary of how the PTB has been ramping up its nefarious activities by continuous invocation of the spector of 9/11. Portions in bold are mine.

War in the Shadows: Excerpt

Since the attacks of 9/11 the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)—which includes the Green Berets, the Army Rangers and the Navy SEALs—has seen its budget quadrupled. There are now some 60,000 USSOCOM operatives, whom the president can dispatch to kill without seeking congressional approval or informing the public. Add to this the growth of intelligence operatives. As Dana Priest and William M. Arkin reported in The Washington Post, “Twenty-four [new intelligence] organizations were created by the end of 2001, including the Office of Homeland Security and the Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking Task Force. In 2002, 37 more were created to track weapons of mass destruction, collect threat tips, and coordinate the new focus on counterterrorism. That was followed the next year by 36 new organizations; and 26 after that; and 31 more; and 32 more; and 20 or more each in 2007, 2008, and 2009. In all, at least 263 organizations have been created or reorganized as a response to 9/11.”

There are now many thousands of clandestine operatives, nearly all of them armed and equipped with a license to kidnap, torture and kill, working overseas or domestically with little or no oversight and virtually no transparency. We have created a state within a state. A staggering 40 percent of the defense budget is secret, as is the budget of every intelligence agency. I tasted enough of this subterranean world to fear it. When you empower these kinds of people you snuff out the rule of law. You empower criminals and assassins.

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