THE STING: Dave, of X-22 Report, hails Patel Patriot’s Devolution Research

Not surprising, given that Dave, of X-22, has also consistently been describing what’s going down on planet earth during this climactic period in history as the largest sting operation ever attempted. This massive op includes, for starters, both the two chronic newsmakers which have rendered all other comings and goings into a faintly blipping background — the plandemic and the stolen election — as intricately connected subsets within the larger globalist plot to take over the planet, now being slowly, carefully, and systematically dismantled by Trump and a specific portion within the military.

Patel Patriot’s deeply researched work reads and feels so stirringly dot-connected that it’s hard to imagine it’s not just authentic, but utterly and convincingly TRUE; yet what surprises me, was just how hesitant and young the Devolution thread maker seems to be, in person, during his dialogue with Dave. That this one young hard working patriot brilliantly brings into high relief what has left most of us scratching our heads — including myriad intricacies of the bloated governmental maze, its extreme bureaucratic detail — and buttresses the connections he draws out with proofs from both timing and documentation galore— is breathtaking.

That he cites both Brian Cates and Thomas Wictor as early mentors makes me nod my head. Of course!

Especially interesting to me, is how his understanding of the seemingly post-Trump era — wherein the devolution drama had already spun part of the military off from the rest — features Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnik in starring, behind-the-scenes devolution roles.

I confess: I have been constantly, internally muttering to myself, over these excruciating crawling six months of the Buy-den administration: whatever happened to Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnik?!? Are they still there? If so, what are they doing? Both of them blazed into military prominence during the latter part of the Trump administration. And if Patel Patriot is correct, then they are still there, hard at work. Result? Much that is still hidden, will at some point be revealed.

In the final part to date, Part 6, he discusses January 6th, and how both Pence’s role and the so-called Insurrection fit into the immense puzzle he manages to indicate both the continuously expanding boundaries of, and to solve, all the while admonishing us to think bigger, even bigger.

Yes, if he, and Dave of X22 are correct, then THE STING truly is the greatest ever attempted in the history of the world, and we the people are being gifted with one of the greatest researchers of our time.

Here is the X22 Report dialogue between Dave and Patel Patriot. But do please either read or listen to, or both! — all six parts (so far) of Patel Patriot’s Devolution series first.  

The title of the dialogue says it all:

Devolution Was Strategically Pre-Planned by Trump and the Military to Take Back the Country


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