Vax Woke?

If you’re like me, you sometimes wear a JP teeshirt that declares, in large letters, on the front, “AWAKE BUT NOT WOKE.”


Now if, according to the theology of woke culture, a person can self-identify in any way they want, that self-declared “identity” subject to change at any time, with no need for proof, evidence or even argument, then here’s an article that brilliantly lays out one possible approach for the unvaxed who choose to remain so: pretend to adopt woke culture’s chimerical view of reality when necessary, in order to preserve one’s own sovereign integrity. 

This kills two birds with one stone, accomplishing an important objective while undermining woke culture.

VAX WOKE: Can an unvaccinated person in America simply “self-identify” as a vaccinated person, without ever risking a deadly Covid jab?

For more on how woke culture aims/pretends to vitiate authentic individualism, see this:

The Deification of the Woke Self


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