My new Letter to the Editor . . .

After the new editor of the local paper, the Herald-Times, commented on two recent letters to the editor questioning the rationale for the unproven experimental gene therapy  erroneously called a “vaccine,” I couldn’t stop myself from writing my own letter to the editor. And was utterly amazed when she published it, with no edits, no commentary, and an appropriate title, only a few days after receiving it, and on an appropriate day when the paper had lots of headlines referring to Covid-19. Of course, she also published a letter under mine that decried “vaccine hesitancy.” And that’s good — thus illustrating my point!

I tried to publish a letter about a year ago that made mincemeat of  Covid-19 claims, pointing out skewed statistics, co-morbidities, and distinguishing between “dying of” and “dying from” and more —but it never saw the light of day. That was under the previous editor. So thank you Jill Bondi!


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  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    Great news and a sign it seems

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