IS THIS THEIR END GAME? Deep State to morph into Police State?

If all members of the military will soon be forced to take the vaccine, would this be an intentional act to terminally weaken the military?

And if so, is a “National Police Force” to take its place?

Reasoning: if Q and the patriots are correct, then “the military is the only way,” given that the courts and congress and current administration are all corrupt, blackmailed or bribed, i.e., “captured” by the deep state. Remember, the military takes an oath “to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” But in the past few months there seem to be signs that the military itself is divided in its loyalties. Assuming that the greater part of the military IS still loyal to the constitution, then it would make sense for the deep state to make sure all soldiers are vaccinated, and thus, possibly, their health and even their lives, compromised.

Meanwhile, BLM/Antifa “defund the police” movement is ongoing, amidst rising crime in cities.

Solution: bring in the National Police Force, gestapo style.

Summation: (somewhat hidden) Deep State morphs into obvious Police State.

One caveat to this entire scenario: it depends upon the FDA changing the status of the vax from “emergency use only” to “full approval.”

Is the FDA also captured? Likely.

My logical left brain would like to end this post on a hopeful note, but can’t figure out how . . . Meanwhile, remember that the “line of reasoning” I have adopted above is simply one way of attempting to place certain events and situations into a linear “chain” of “cause and effect.” The limitations of linear logic are evident to the greater part of me — right brain/heart/soul — immersed in what the Buddhists call “interdependent arising.” 

Linear chains of cause and effect have their usefulness. Especially in trying to “figure out” how the deep state thinks! But I refuse to surrender my life and thought to mere logic.


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  1. After listening to and watching this video by someone with solid credentials I sadly realized the military does NOT have our backs…It’s up to us everybody! Nobody is coming to save the day…. VK

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