Why Is Bill Gates Buying Up So Much Farmland?

Bill Gates now owns 2% of the landmass of the United States. That’s 268,984 acres of mostly farmland. WHY? Is it just “for investment purposes”? Or is there a more nefarious plan. After all, he thinks of himself as the overlord in charge of depopulating the planet — and the plandemic went down very well! The captured mainstream media was able to drive just about the entire global population into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), and topped it off  a few months later by getting those still compliant actually excited to get a deadly experimental vaccine! So now what?

We Now Know Why Creepy Bill Gates Invested in All of That US Farmland – It Likely Ties in With Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-grown meat? Or fake meat. Remember, Gates thinks cows are inherently bad for the planet, due to methane farts. But this happens when they are factory farmed and eat things they wouldn’t normally eat, like corn. But when pastured with rotational grazing? No.

This next article goes a long way in giving the Native American point of view on the continuing transformation of land use that began with the European settlers and ramped up with the Homestead Act.


Vandana Shiva’s attitude towards Farmer Bill is utterly scathing . . .

Of course, in determining land use for the foreseeable future, any choices ultra casual cashmere sweater wearing ruthless genocidal Farmer Bill might include: cutting off the food supply altogether by one means or another, and/or poisoning it further, and, of course, pricing small farmers out of business. All of which makes the conversion of urban and suburban lawns into food-growing oases not just important, but crucial to the survival of our species.

Grow Food, not Lawns.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    The useful thing about Gates’ 268,984 acre holdings in productive farm land, is the simplicity of targeting it for condemnation by any public oriented non-profit, like say the cattlemen’s association, with it 175,000 members and affiliates. For about $7,000 per member, Gates scheme can be eliminated without much lobbying, for about $20 per month per member.

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