Meme Feast July 1 2021

In one fell swoop, a good meme both eludes censorship algorithms and punches powerful multi-valent meaning.

Let’s start with this hilarious philosophy meme — a conversation that, had my own Dad been more humorous, he and I might have had way back when. And guess what? I’m glad I majored in philosophy, and especially glad that I went “all the way” through to a doctorate. Not because it helped me get a job (I got fired as “too experimental” at the end of one year from my one job as an academic philosopher in a supposedly experimental college), but because during graduate school I met my mentor who encouraged me to learn how to think as an independent agent.

When he asked, “Do you want to be like me?” I said “Yes!” adoring. “WRONG!” He thundered. “You must go beyond me.”

So I did.

From there let’s skip over the Arizona audit and anything else having to do with the 2020 fraudulent 2020 election and go directly to the other topic that holds us all in its spell: the planscamdemic, which some say, set up the fraud in the first place with the call for mail-in ballots.

It’s been my assumption all along that so-called “Covid-19” was drummed into the collective unconscious by fear porn, mostly stemming from continuous MSM propaganda.

Result? Masks!

And, you even forget that your brilliant body knows how to care for itself; instead, you are taught to rely on outside authorities, like doctors, themselves indoctrinated into seeing the body as a mere machine.

Oops! Some people are waking up!

Solution: keep pumping fear with a new CV “variant.”

Will it work? Will our would-be masters continue to get their way? NO. They’ve already overplayed their hand. This IS the Great Awakening.

Once we have lived long enough to look back on the wandering path already taken, a mysterious awareness steals in.

No matter what happens, we have learned to trust the universe.

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