Full Moon June 24, 2021 Features Bottom-Up Protective Power

I set these New and Full Moon charts for Washington, D.C. since what I’m especially interested in is the ongoing geopolitical drama.

Set for that location, the chief feature of this chart is the near exact opposition between Venus at 27°05 Cancer and Pluto at 26°06 Capricorn, both of which are on the vertical axis of the chart, showing the path (MC) at the top, and the root (IC) at the bottom.

Quick analysis: What’s featured now is how the ongoing destruction of the structures, visible and invisible, that have “powered” human society is profoundly transforming (Pluto) our feelings about what is of value, what is most important, and that is, family, home, community (Venus in Cancer). Families, homes, and communities, are vulnerable, especially to unvetted drug runners, humaan traffickers, terrorists, and other criminals crossing the southern border, and must be protected (Cancer). The empowerment (Pluto) of America must begin at the bottom (the root), and proceed upwards from there.

Top down (deep state) power is centralized; bottom-up power is decentralized.

For example, notice how states are stepping up to the plate, following the fearless, inspiring leadership of Governor DeSantis of Florida. A number of states are now realizing that in order to complete the wall on our southern border, they will have to do it themselves. Texas is first, and plans to use crowd-funding to do it!

Gov Greg Abbott says he’ll use crowd-funding for his plan to build the border wall

Arizona is thinking about doing the same thing along its border with Mexico.

Florida and Nebraska are sending help.

Power is descending further into localities, where, for example, furious, determined parents are pushing back on Critical Race Theory at school board meetings. Here’s an unusually articulate, impassioned speech . . . you’ll have to catch it on gab. WELL WORTH YOUR TIME!

During this just past New Moon, the one of which this Full Moon is the fulfillment, notice that Mars at 29° Cancer was opposite Pluto, with Venus two weeks ago, 20 degrees behind. No wonder the fury is being expressed, and so persuasively by this parent above.

And now it’s Venus opposite Pluto, inviting us to come together over love of our families, homes, communities, the glue that makes America go, the continuity in which the freedom of individuals is nourished. Venus in Cancer. Mothering, nourishing, holding, caring . . .

Another aspect of note: transit Mars has now moved to 8° Leo, where it’s now beginning to create a frictional fixed T-cross with the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square at 12° Aquarius and 13° Taurus. Expect more fearless leaders to arise; expect increasing fiery energy (Trump rally June 26th) culminating in some kind of “fireworks” at the very end of June (when Trump visits the wall) through the July 4th weekend. And, wouldn’t you know, the fed has denied a permit for a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore this year; maybe too much of a reminder of the amazing spectacle that featured Trump last year? The one where so many of us hoped that JFK Jr. would finally show himself?

White House Encourages July 4 Celebrations Except Fireworks at Mount Rushmore


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