Green Acres Village: Major extended thunderstorm storm last night . . .

There were times, during the night, when the sky was lit up continuously with lightning. I’ve never seen so much lightning or heard so much crashing thunder directly overhead.


The power went out at 12:15 AM, and didn’t go on again until after 7 AM.

Here’s this front yard early morning:

I noticed most of the limbs were from the tulip tree (Indiana’s state tree) which, unfortunately, is not really a hardwood tree, despite what they say. Maybe a fast-growing tree just can’t get that hard? Reminds me of humans. We need to stop expanding at times, in order to integrate (harden), lest we lose our marbles!

Our mimosa also dropped a limb, which may have happened due to other crashing limbs, not just from this yard but from our neighbor’s yard, a tree that I have long suspected as nearing the end of its life. It dropped a major limb, which may also have hit the tulip tree and started all the crashing in this yard.

It’s thundering again as I write this.

The basement flooded about an inch, due to the fact that, even when the power went back on, we had left cords to the fans and the dehumidifier on the floor. As soon as the seeping water hit it, that stopped them and the sump pump, only a few feet away. The other sump pump worked okay.

There were a number of cardboard boxes with books and tapes and photo books on the basement floor . . .

This came after a tornado warning in the early evening that had us all scuttling to the basement to sit and listen to emergency updates on phones in a circle of chairs for 20 minutes or so. Sneaking back upstairs, I discovered it eerily still outside, the atmosphere pervaded by a strange yellow light. Apparently, a tornado did touch down, north of Bloomington.

All this hot humid storm-ridden weather phenomena is relatively new to me, a westerner used to dry heat and cold. In fact, where I grew up, in Twin Falls Idaho, the annual rainfall was 10 inches. We nearly got that much here just last night!  This morning, I knew that the thing to do first was to get the sump pump running again, and the fans, and the dehumidifier. DRY THE PLACE OUT BEFORE MOLD TAKES HOLD.

Which reminds me again: we need to get some kind of generator with enough electricity to power the fans and dehumidifier. Otherwise, if the power does go out for an extended period, mold WILL take hold.

We have stored food, and batteries, rainwater storage, a hand crank radio and flashlights, etc. But have not gone this final mile towards resiliency in the face of an extended power outage. And wouldn’t you know, the hand crank radio also needs a charge, and we only began that process one hour before the storm hit, so it was not fully charged. Thus the phones.

Wake up! ANN. It’s Time!

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