“UFO Disclosure” June 25th? Or, just more Bullshit from the Masters of Secrecy.

Note: See this, for my recent post on UFO.

Since UFO info is “up” right now, I decided to do another post on the same subject, given that the Pentagon’s UFO Report is due out June 25.

In my last post on this subject, I concentrated on a possible fake alien invasion scenario which, let me say now, the deep state might use as distraction from both bombshell Arizona audit results and the ignominious fall of Saint Fauci.

Here are two current discussions of the UFO topic. The first I got through Fred Burks, his email list, where he points to a New Yorker article that he really appreciated, called it “excellent,” and “fairly comprehensive.” Since I appreciate Fred Burks, I decided to read it, taking note of the parts of the essay that he put in bold.

Go here to see Fred’s bolded version.

Or go to the New Yorker itself to read it. What Fred left out, however was the subtitle to the essay in question, which I believe, contains clues as to the author’s agenda. Here’s a screenshot from the New Yorker:

Here’s how the finale to this long essay begins, as bolded by Burks:

The government may or may not care about the resolution of the U.F.O. enigma. But, in throwing up its hands and granting that there are things it simply cannot figure out, it has relaxed its grip on the taboo.

That is the supposed thrust of the essay, but to me it’s more like this essay itself is part of upcoming  so-called “disclosure” in that it aims to definitively trace the entire confusing and multi-layered history of the cover-up since Roswell in 1947, and ends up saying the entire subject is just as mysterious as ever.  To keep reader interest, Lewis-Kraus focuses also on polarized personalities and their specialized quirks, motives, and expectations which may feed into what they look for and how they see things. I do appreciate this tactic, as it relativizes any “truth” which any source comes up with.

One of the author’s stars in this UFO movement is Leslie Keen, who authored a book on UFOs with a forward by John Podesta.


In the Lewis-Kraus essay, Leslie Keen mentions that she consults with a relative of hers, Thomas Keen, who chaired the 911 Commission.

John Podesta (the Clinton pedophile), and Thomas Keen (who managed to get unanimous agreement for the government-sponsored 911 cover-up)? Well, my spidey senses were starting to go off . . .   After reading the entire essay, it appears to me that Leslie herself is being used, likely without her knowledge, to lead us only in certain directions.

In other words, Leslie Keen is part of the cover-up?

This essay, admittedly long and involved, and seemingly exhaustive in its investigation, leaves me with the sense that the author too, is being used to continue the cover-up, given that he’s attempting to definitively trace a hornet’s nest history, of personalities and agencies, all with their own agendas that often conflict. I came away with no clear sense of what is actually happening re: ufo. As intended?

From there I listened to an interview, Beyond Disclosure, with Kerry Cassidy, whose experience interviewing whistleblowers for the last sixteen years has filled her capacious mind with not just dots, but layers of dots, and myriads of connecting pathways. And according to Kerry, the cover-up will continue; however, yes, June 25th, when the report is supposedly due out, will likely feature some kind of limited hang-out drama to whet the appetite of the masses without spilling anything important. After all, as she says, near the beginning of this amazing interview, continued secrecy is paramount, given that “governments have to deal with aliens that have more power than they do, better technology . . .”


“Luis Elizondo and Nick Pope have gone public, lying from the getgo. Saying we don’t know what these craft are, after 70 years of secrecy! Not only does our military know exactly what they are, Solar Warden patrols our solar system, and they know exactly what’s going in and out, plus what group it’s from. These people are brain dead enough that they think humans are so dumb that they will listen to them. It erases history, every piece of evidence that has been coming forward. Roswell, Richard Dolan’s three volumes (UFOs and the National Security State). Mufon is the CIA. Pilots are told not to report, or they’ll have their licenses revoked. Elizondo and Pope keep a straight face while saying they don’t know what these craft are? It’s amazing to me. They want to keep the lid on, so they’re pretending. Why are they making the effort?

“And yet, our space program is partitioned [compartmentalized]. So Elizondo and Pope may not know . . .

“Sex and UFOs the two biggest topics on the internet. All our conspiracies have turned out to be true. They can’t keep the story down, though they certainly are trying. And sure, there will be some sheeple who will go along with the lies. It turns out that everything that I’ve ever said is right and true. All my whistleblowers have been telling the truth. We are an inconvenient truth right now. That way they don’t have to massage us out of history. Then they don’t have to pay for the number of people they have killed. Tesla was one of them, he was contacted by aliens! The secrecy is long and deep and contains tons of dead bodies, all to maintain the facade, so these governments can remain in power, can look like they’re the good guys . . .”

Not sure about her own absolutist position here (ALL her whistleblowers tell the truth?), but given the 16 long years she’s put into investigating this hot button topic, both juggling and synthesizing hundreds of whistleblowers’ perspectives on myriad layers of What Is Really Going On, I tend to trust her way of seeing the whole UFO panorama more than most. Meanwhile, BTW: she also discusses CV-19, the vax, the connection between nano AI in the vax and globalist plans to roboticize humans, and to counter that: our own more than human powers that have laid dormant for centuries. Well worth a listen.



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