Electiongate and Covidgate: TWO MOVEMENTS CONVERGING. To what end?

Even though I’ve been Fauxci-Focused, I’m also paying attention to the Arizona forensic audit, its apparently superb quality as the gold standard igniting a domino-effect for other states’ election audits.

And it does appear to me that these two truth-revealing movements are converging:

The covertly political/medical/pharmaceutical/media-driven/conspiratorial/”authority”,”expert”/academic/CDC/NIH/WHO “disease and vaccine” tsunami with Fauci-as-tip-of-spear focus, and the overtly political/technical/ technological/conspiratorial/media-driven/forensic audit election tsunami with Arizona-as-tip-of-spear focus. I sense great and equal momentum in both “movements,” extruding, surging, boiling, up from the collective unconscious below, as an enormous (supernatural?) onrushing revelatory wave beyond comprehension to the merely rational human brain.

Here’s someone who is sensing the same thing:

However, I personally, am one who also wonders whether, in this massive multi-D drama, we the people are being played into unification by invisible, and perhaps even other-dimensional puppet-masters to bring on in the globalist New World Order through means that make it look like we are winning, when we are not.

In other words, are we lemmings, hurtling as a herd over the cliff to our doom?

Oh but wait a minute. Apparently, the lemming idea is an “urban legend.”

Well, then let’s take buffalo, who as a matter of documented record, were driven off cliffs by Native Americans and harvested.

In other words, are we driven in a certain unifying direction without our being aware of it, by invisible forces that are herding us to our doom?

Or are we truly being formed into a single human consciousness —

— who will then devour the big bad deep state shark.

In other words, while I want to assume the good guys are in charge now, I’m not counting on it, or on any outside authority to tell me what’s really going on. Furthermore, I have a feeling that which result we intend for ourselves as individuals, each of us, will determine the outcome as a whole.

So which is it folks, F.E.A.R. or LOVE?

Fear contracts, makes us sheep-like, able to be corralled and driven off cliffs.

Love expands, its brilliant generous energy bursting through each of our fearless, opening hearts to co-create the new, decentralized, bottom-up world that works for everyone who shares the same high vibration.

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