Does Faustian Fauci know (and love) that he’s being scapegoated? And is this according to Plan?

His new book is called Expect the Unexpected, for which he receives, of course, an enormous money-laundered “advance.” Hmmm . . . did he expect the immediately following email dump? Maybe he did expect this “unexpected” event. Maybe the two were timed to follow one after another. After all, remember who requested the FOIA: wapo and buzzfeed, both Trump-hating, globalism-loving pubs. What especially makes me think that: his huge tranche of emails were redacted prior to being released. On whose authority? On what grounds? “National Security”? Give me a break.

And it’s not just his emails. Consider video appearances over the years . . . I’m glad I saved this as a screenshot yesterday, because today the retweet from James Woods “no longer available.”

And others, including Judy Mikovwitz, have known how Faustian Fauci operates, for decades.

Then there’s the “gain of function” business, clearly shown in his emails, which Fauci denied under oath to Rand Paul.

Yep. It does seem that more and more people are waking up to just how thoroughly they were brainwashed to accept the covid con. And what it did to their lives.

They’re beginning to get a bit pissed at their own foolishness, shall we say?

I do wonder about one of my sisters, what’s going on inside her now. She was a big Fauci Fan. Of course, I’m tempted to call her, but know that this is not a good idea. The ego’s pride has taken a bruising . . . unless she steadfastly just refuses to believe all the Fauci dots that are connecting like crazy in both MSM and alternative news.

But many of us still do wonder . . . WHY. And WHY NOW.

It does seem that both are being scapegoated, to get the heat off the long-standing Depopulation Plan, which wants to go forward, no matter what.

Speaking of the Plan, here’s an intriguing theory about Fauci’s role in it. Please read through to the end.

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  1. Liz says:

    Do you still do permaculture garden or just rant nonsense

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