FACT: It’s TRUE. “They” ARE trying to kill us. AND, there is an antidote . . .

Two days ago, the sky was a brilliant blue, all day long. It’s been years since the sky was that gloriously vibrant around here for a full day. Usually, this is the situation:

Re the vaccines: Given the F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) generated by the supposed presence of deadly “spike proteins,” I was moved yesterday to wonder if nano (a unit prefix meaning “one billionth”) is also present in the vaccines. Briefly searched for a link for this, but came up with nothing. But then, this morning — another synchronicity! — my friend John sent me the following long investigative piece, written by a guy named Blue way back in 2007, re: nano in chemtrails. And so I thought, well, hell! Who cares if it’s in the vaccines, because if Blue is correct, then nano is literally everywhere, given all the chemtrailing they’ve been raining down on us for the last 20 years.

And, actually, Blue’s findings are nothing new to me, but I’d never seen a citizen investigator pay such close and prolonged attention to what’s actually present in chemtrails. What John’s reference did do for me, however (and why I call it a synchronicity) was to place my question about the possible presence of nano in  COVID vaccines in a larger context, namely, the entire environment on planet earth. So thank you, John!


It’s interesting to note that this kind of consideration, that “they” are trying to kill us, depopulate us, decimate us, exterminate us, not to mention zombiefy and/or roboticize us, is now front and center, thanks to continuing fallout from Covidiana. No longer can anyone who thinks for him or herself NOT be aware of the long-planned and long-running malevolent designs of the .0001% — and beyond.

Oh, and BTW: nano particles are way way way tinier than so-called “viruses,” which themselves can slip through mask fabrics like a chain link fence. So: mask up to protect? What a joke.

Which brings me to what I really want to point out here, how the fiendishly clever plans of the 0001% also include degrading our ethical sense to the point where anyone who values “telling the truth” no matter what, has to think twice. What’s more important, telling the truth (when someone asks if you’ve been vaxxed), or protecting your own sovereignty?

This morning, in the local paper, I see that Indiana University has now decided NOT  to require vaccine proof for students or employees. But: this story, unlike the others I’ve referenced recently, appeared, not on the front page, but on the back page!

Why the downgrade in importance? Hmmm . . .

“The changes come after the state attorney general issued last week a non-binding opinion that the policy was illegal under a new state law banning the state or local governments from requiring vaccine passports.”

Meanwhile, directly under that story, so also on the back page, another one: “IU Health to require vaccination against COVID-10 for employees.” The story goes on to say that “annual flu shots have been required for nearly a decade.” What? I wonder if IU Health will require proof of COVID vaccine. BTW, apparently 1/2 of CDC, NIH and FDA employees refused the vaccine!

Concerning the hyra-headed diabolical plans to kill off most of the human race, I do feel that the best defense is to keep one’s frequency high, full to bursting with LOVE, rather than contracted into FEAR.  When we do that (using every means at our disposal: awareness, healthy physical and nutritional practices, plenty of sleep and exercise, plus, and this especially: the serene contemplation at any moment of our own death which renders us fearless in the face of death), then, from their point of view, we are no longer “human” in the 3D sense, i.e., no longer victims of outside circumstances. Rather, we take our life in our hands, feel that life in our hearts, alchemize that mysterious, miraculous cosmic energy into bursting aliveness.

In this manner, we fully alive ones are present on earth during this climactic time to “shed” the vibration of love and kindness wherever we are, in all that we think and say and do. Amen.




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2 Responses to FACT: It’s TRUE. “They” ARE trying to kill us. AND, there is an antidote . . .

  1. Sadly I’ve already assumed that we are being vaxxed via the chemtrails….Can’t stick it in our arms so why not douse us in it….I keep praying someday this evil stops! I’d like a few years of JOY before departing…. VK

  2. Dawn Vierra says:

    I’ve heard on Bards FM, Scott Kesterson, and Dr Sherri Tenpenny that nano tech is in the vaccines, along with the gunk that starts to transition humans into trans humans. If you look on the Moderna website it even talks about it as being like software upgrades

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