June 1, 2021, re: Covid Con — more and more humor, more and more research

On walk with puppy Shadow this morning, I notice that workmen driving trucks and on various outdoor projects are no longer masked. However, yep! There’s a masked woman driving alone in car with windows closed.

However, according to this morning’s local Bloomington paper, the co-chair of the Indiana University Faculty Council says that “IU’s vaccination policy [to mandate everybody who studies, staffs, or teaches there to receive the vax] is receiving strong support from the university’s faculty.”

Yep, I’ve long noticed that the more highly educated [indoctrinated] a person, the more likely he or she will go along with whatever “the authorities” decree.

Best mask meme ever!

P.S. For an exhaustive Covid/Gates/CDC Compilation, check this out:


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5 Responses to June 1, 2021, re: Covid Con — more and more humor, more and more research

  1. Roel Bianan y Acaso says:

    Maam Ann,
    Where ego that is left as reason to be persuaded, neither a smile or a tear ould alter but persuasive prayer. Queue my intent for the subject & the flock, absolute the chance such transpires soon hen initiation allowed hopefully courtesy solely from Absolute Almighty Abstract. Hugs&Kisses-CHILD

  2. Charlotte Benson says:

    How fortunate we are to have a wonderful man like Dr. Fauci who has given endlessly in his profession, working to help people with many illnesses – including Covid-19. How blessed we are to live in a time when a vaccine can help the spread of this disease. So many people with high vibrations who eat well and live their lives with integrity, who do not give in to fear but live in love – have gotten ill with this virus and have either died or continue to suffer long-term effects from it. I am filled with love for the many people who have worked tirelessly caring for ill and dying people in over-run hospitals. Doctors, nurses, staff in hospitals. They haven’t experienced a “scamdemic.” That’s because it hasn’t been a scam, it’s been a real illness causing so many people to get very sick, so many to die. I am thankful for the common sense of mask-wearing, and wear my mask not out of fear but out of love – for myself and for others. I trust science, and common sense. How wonderful to have a vaccine for Covid! I am thankful for all the vaccines I have had: for polio, smallpox, flu, shingles, pneumonia. I have joy and love in my heart and gratitude to doctors and scientists for creating these marvelous vaccines. I trust my intellect, my intuition, and my good common sense. I eat well, exercise, garden, and love others. And I get vaccines. I also like mainstream media. I am not a sheeple, I am an independent thinker who appreciates the news. QAnon and people who don’t see the horrors of the January 6 insurrection, bullies like Trump and his supporters – this has a feeling to me of evil. My high vibration and focus on nonviolence is greatly alarmed by the movement of violent protest against others, especially in our nation’s capital. The police were brutalized that day. The insurrectionists were filled with hatred and rage against our elected Congresspeople. This is not the America I know and love. This is not patriotism. Bullies and violence are the antithesis to peaceful communication. It’s the lowest of vibrations. What is going on in the Republican Party is frightening to me. Not Covid, not the vaccines, not the mainstream media, not Dr. Fauci, not science. The vitriol of Trump and so many Republicans. We need a two-party system, but we don’t need hate and rage and violence. We don’t need bullies. As Ann says we need love.

  3. Kate says:

    Hi Ann
    You may be interested in the flagship national paper in Australia headline today:
    ‘US paid PLA to engineer virus’
    This is the Weekend Australian published by ex Australian R Murdoch also owner of Fox so msm is coming out with different lines of the story.
    I too look forward to a time when gardening and permaculture stories are the main content…!

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