Scorpio Full Moon Aftermath: Fear? Or LOVE. This is the only choice, and we make it unceasingly, with every breath we take.

Note: See the six other posts on this just past Full Moon that continues to reverberate as the Sun now approaches exact conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. Start here.

Just received news that my old friend Ray died within six hours of that powerful Full Moon which conjuncted his Scorpio Sun. Actually, his widow called me within ten minutes of his death, to say “You predicted it, Annie!” — in a jubilant mood. But I didn’t see the message. Strange.

She told me that the night after Ray died she had a nightmare dream — that she had forgotten something, done something wrong. The dream woke her up and wouldn’t go away. She wondered if she should write the dream down, when she suddenly began to cry; the crying deepened into wracking sobbing that went on and on, all that emotion buried for so long, all those feelings that she couldn’t afford to access while he was alive, during those eight years when she cared for him full time, and especially during the last few weeks, when his dementia turned him mean.

So Ray is now gone. Releasing his widow and son to their lives. Way to go Ray!

I know I sound crass to many people, those who, I venture are still terrified of death, and cover it over with encomiums to the beloved, syrupy “I’m so sorry” remarks to those “left behind,” on and on. I can remember my chronic discomfort when people, usually whom I did not know well, but they knew my husband had died, offered me these sentimental phrases which, frankly, I wanted to just bat away as not only superfluous, but absurd.

Back when one of my uncles died, the favorite uncle for me, and known by his siblings as immensely witty, I went back to the funeral to show my respect. Approaching his widow, I did the same thing we are taught to do, “Oh I’m so sorry . .  .” and she stopped me short. “I’m not sorry. He was mean to me.”

Whew! Okay. He was gone, and she decided to get real.

Both this culture’s fear of death, and the way we’re taught to behave when someone has died, all remind me of covidiana and how this plandemic/scamdemic was brilliantly staged to trigger that underlying fear. Suddenly, the fear that had been underneath all along emerged as front and center. And once fear is unconsciously engaged, it swells to fill not just the body/mind, but to seep out into the environment as a psychic contagion.

I remember when the plandemic began I didn’t believe that “the virus” existed. Then, within a few weeks, I realized that the virus did exist, having now been conjured up by fear! In other words, the fear created the virus!

Or I should say, the fear created the occasion in which “the virus” could take hold, both personally and socially. Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts had much to say about viruses, pandemics, etc. Here’s a compilation:

Seth Speaks about Viruses and Epidemics


“Initially there is a psychic contagion: Despair moves faster than a mosquito, or any outward carrier of a given disease. The mental state brings about the activation of a virus that is, in those terms, passive. Despair may seem passive only because it feels that exterior action is hopeless – but its fires rage inwardly, and that kind of contagion can leap from bed to bed and from heart to heart. It touches those, however, who are in the same state only, and to some extent it brings about an acceleration in which something can indeed be done in terms of group action.”

But this psychic contagion wouldn’t be possible without fear of death.

And because I do not fear death I am not “in the same state” that would “cause” me to get sick from covid. Duh!

If we want to break the control that the so-called “elites” have over us, then we need to become highly aware of the state of mind we are in when we fear whatever they tell us to be afraid of.

The fear of death goes along with fear of the body. I wonder, are they the same thing?

Descartes showed the way in the 17th century, by bifurcating the person into a body and a mind, and then saying only my mind is me! The body becomes an “object,” something that I drag along with me, and must continuously placate, lest it defy my will, and cause pain, suffering, death!

Whatever we are going through with this astonishing shift in the way humans relate to one another, it’s somehow tied in with this deep cultural terror of both death and one’s own body. Those who fear their own bodies do not recognize or work with their body’s brilliant immune system. Duh!

And yet, when fear recedes, what takes its place? LOVE. Those really are the only two “emotions” possible. And the first is merely the absence of the second. Fear contracts. Love expands.

Question: is the universe afraid?

No, the universe is LOVE, operating everywhere and in all things, divinity in action.






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  1. As moons go, I am slowly learning to appreciate moon-phase significance. Sam The Illusionist, in one of his (I think very authentic) deep trances, says the full moon on May 26 ….. wait, I don’t want to use my words, it’s better if you allow Sam to speak…

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