Here’s MY transformation, thanks to Scorpio Full Moon aftermath

Note: See the unusual number of posts (five) I’ve already done discussing the just past Scorpio Full Moon, starting with this one.

Interesting. Yesterday, all day long, it was as if my body felt strangely weak and as if  underwater, held down by a thousand pound weight. I hoped this unusual murky lethargy was just due to lingering effects from the powerful Scorpio Full Moon; hoped that by the time the Moon moved into Sagittarius, I would be back in my energized groove.

As I write this, the Moon sits at 0°31 Sagittarius. And yes, I’m back on track. In fact, I jumped the Sagittarian gun this morning. . .

Because, for really the first time ever, after 15 years wanting to do it with ease, I easily wore my baby picture teeshirt out in public. And, when anybody glanced at it, would then tell them it is my baby picture and ask them to get theirs! Put it on a teeshirt! “Can you imagine what would happen to this world if everybody started to wear their baby pictures? Can you imagine if everybody began to show their original, beautiful, vulnerable selves to one another, that soul that shines through the one who came in fully and expressively his or herself — only to then, suddenly, or gradually, be shut down by layers (masks) of conditioning, indoctrination, and so on by parents, siblings, schools and other authorities?”

I talked like this to several people, and then even talked like this to three people at once, all of them sitting waiting on an outdoor porch for lunch, at the restaurant son Colin and I sometimes go to after our bi-weekly Wednesday acutorture sessions. All were entranced, eager, open. As if a bolt of lightning suddenly electrified their hearts.

Which left me wondering. Why am I so energized to wear my baby picture out in public now, and: what has changed in the Neptunian frequency field that holds us all in its soft invisible grip, that both makes me feel less vulnerable/crazy/completely nuts when I wear it outside, and helps others open, eager to receive?

Because I have tried to wear it outside before, once in a while, over the years. But each time I felt so weird I couldn’t continue.

But this time I could. Not only could, but did, with alacrity.

Of course, one obvious way is to look at the situation astrologically. The planet Saturn, with its 29.5 year cycle, and a quarter cycle of 7.5 years, takes about 15 years to transit from the place in the zodiac when, in this case, the Baby Picture Project ( began, in 2006, until the “Full Moon” time of full-on illumination. Which happens to be now, 2021.

On the other hand, one could say that my growing willingness to wear this audacious/silly? teeshirt out in public is also synchronized with the fact that over the past year the entire world has been passing through a dark night of the soul, thanks to Covid; that the enforced isolation, buttressed by the stripping away of the usual distractions (like movies, sports, and other spectator games), bars, restaurants, other formerly public places — and deeper — all the usual markers that used to count for a “successful life” — college degrees, the job market and ladder — so much has changed! So very very much. The stripping of these roles (masks) which intermingled and even composed our “personas” (the public faces we show to the world, our self-image), have reduced some to bitter, lonely, disease and fear-ridden, near robotized, muffle-masked sheep, and in contrast,  have spurred others to connect, perhaps even for the very first time, with who they really are, what their life purpose really is, now that the “normality” of materialistic greed and selfishness has been shown up as absurd and meaningless.

Socially distanced, we long for each other.

Mask wearing, we long for each other’s smiles.

We had no idea, until now, how much we miss each other, as well as how much we’ve missed allowing our real, original selves to show up! How long has it been? — each of us dares to ask  in our heart of hearts, in our very souls, as we lay awake and alone in the dead of night wondering how long this collective nightmare is going to go on.

So. Here comes this 78-year-old crone who dares to tell us about her baby picture, to show it to us, and to ask us to find our own and wear it too! And hell, why not go further, and send me your story of how you found that picture you chose, why you chose that particular photo, the qualities of your essential original nature that you see in that photo, and send to me, for inclusion as a blogpost in  And then, if you dare, put your photo on a tee-shirt, with on the back. (We can do this for you, if you wish) and above all, WEAR IT IN PUBLIC, and if you dare, again, talk to others about why you wear it.

Yep, that’s me. That’s my change, my turn around. My Plutonian empowerment thanks to the unusually powerful Moon in Scorpio. And you know what? I doubt I’ll ever return to that old bashfulness. Because I just don’t care anymore. I want to live, I want to love, I want to connect with each and every soul that comes my way.

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    Beautiful in every way!

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