Today I clutch meme crutches while lurching through current insanities . . .

Geez! Since I joined Telegram my news feed has gone nuclear. No way to even pretend to “keep up.”  Pant, pant . . . Oh wait, that happened yesterday, not today, so who cares? Wait a minute. That video was from two months ago, just renamed and reloaded. Damn! And I just wasted five minutes finding that out! Geez! So tired of hearing about X . . . Y . . . Z . . . when will something new happen? When will I find out, once and for all, what’s really going on! And, when will it be over? When will the suspense from this “movie” — what movie? How big do I decide to frame what my left brain thinks is going on? Every movie is a selection from the vastness. And pretends to link stuff together, as in “this causes that.” But: what about the Buddhist “co-dependent arising”? Isn’t that a better way to understand, engage with, even wrestle with, if I have to . . . but, I confess, my addiction to “the news” is just so primal and strong that I simply cannot stop, ever, from opening up that screen to find the latest, the very latest . . . Pant, pant . . . Oh wait . . . Look at that guy’s ears. Can’t be the same guy. Peering closer. An actor with a silicone mask (I’d say yes, very definitely, with the current “Fauci”), a clone? (Are clones real? Really?) Cgi???

Speaking of which:

Before the GF verdict yesterday, prediction:

Afterwards, posthumous praise:


Okay. Let’s go. Just put up a bunch of memes. They speak louder than anything else right now, to the craziness, and to me, brain fried from following various folks whom I appreciate so very much. Like Martin Geddes, Santa Surfing, Danielle Stotijn my current three favorites on Telegram, with Michael Flynn, Dan Scavino, Lin Wood not far behind.

Yeah. Start here, with the subject that, according to unwitting CNN source to ballsy Project Veritas, will be the next big distraction/long-winded FF/politically correct/virtually signaling scenario ahead to deepen the already deeply installed F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that is utterly necessary to continue to confuse and bow into compliance the sheeple who will then BEG for an end to the chaos; thus enforcing the “need”  for the coming NWO.

And yeah! it’s the kind of FF that could go on forever!

Plus! How many staged FF shootings by MK Ultra-ed Manchurian Candidate Lone Males will it take to get that 2A stricken from the record, and thus open up this vast land to complete globalist takeover, huh? Oh, I forgot. This entire post was supposed to just poke fun, not turn serious. But hey! Look at this!

Okay, let’s back up a bit to that Ever Given that continues to keep on givin! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this meme, purportedly the Ever Given ship after all the containers were removed by the Egyptian government, held in Bitter Lake (can a name be its own meme?) until Evergreen Shipping pays billions? in fees — all containers BUT those used to form the letters? And what’s the “THANK YOU” for? Removal of trafficked kids, dead and alive? Climate Change weapons? Nukes? What else? What’s real?

Okay. Now let’s go on to the ongoing Covid Conspiracy. Yes! What fun! Which reminds me: today, housemate Ethyl and puppy Shadow and I were walking past a neighbor’s house a few streets away, when suddenly, she appeared. We stopped to talk. I told her she would be welcome to return when we start up our Green Acres Permaculture Village Community Dinners outside again, soon. She said good, because she’s “vaccinated now. And I imagine most people are by this time.” I muttered, not quite sotto voce, but not making a big deal of it, either: “Yes, those who want to be vaccinated.” Which reminds me. I guess we’re going to have to let those who might want to join us again know that not all here have been or will be vaxed, nor are we wearing masks . . . Oh god, this is so damn boring, this having to constantly find ways of working the edge between the fearful and the fearless . . . Or maybe, I should say, between those who pay attention and those who want to believe the Fake Fauci Fuckery.

Aaarrrgh! Why don’t you, yeah, YOU, I want to say whenever I pass a muffled masked one on the street, realize! . . .

Nope. We got to keep them comin’, all these fakes. And yep, Hollywood types are best to spread the message.

Okay. Time for the finale in the virus department. This should do it. Right?

Pivot to the Supreme Court, and our immense disappointment when we realized that our heroine, Amy Coney Barrett, was one of “them.”

Is this true? Need to check . . .one second search . . . yep, looks like it, reports from “multiple sources,” with Penguin . . .

Man . . . these book deals . . . what a great way to keep people swampin’! Just pay them off with a gigantic book deal. Even pedo grifter Hunter Biden! He got the same as Amy, a cool 2 mil. Yuck. The title of his book, “Beautiful Things” so fake I about threw up.

Okay, one more hilarious meme. Well, not exactly a meme, but I loved the mental image: “vampires start flying home.”

What a combo! Of both people-in-the-know (heh heh) and topics! Actually, “health and the soul” is a provocative subject, well worth pursuing. Too bad this cast of characters is going to ruin it. Typical. Uncover something good, ruin it. Like the word “sustainable.” Or, decades ago, remember? — the word “natural.” Now it’s the word “regenerative” that’s on the block, about to be swallowed into the swampy murk.

And okay, I DO want to go along with this next message. But is it just today that I’m having trouble doing so?




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2 Responses to Today I clutch meme crutches while lurching through current insanities . . .

  1. I going through a phase where I can see and read the most horrible things happening in the world and just sense we’re still okay. Reading the newspaper means just skimming headlines. News on TV?… No thanks. Radio….. hmmm, if I’m alone in the car, maybe.
    The biggest laugh this morning was a newspaper article headline that read…”What is The Basis Of Joe Biden’s Success?”

    • Frances Rose says:

      That comment about exploring the “Basis of Joe Biden’s success” made me belly-laugh, thank you for sharing that. His success, can only be measured in his ability to wake even the most staunch democrat up with a nasty jolt to the fact that he is in waaay above his head, and showing us on a nearly daily basis that he indeed got where he is today by cheating, lying and stealing. I believe there are still some out there that have their heads shoved in the sand, still, on all this, despite Biden’s unconvincing speeches and actions, and they still believe he is their savior from the nasty tweets of Mr. Trump. I miss Mr. Trump.

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