Wetiko, an unconscious Neptune in Pisces syndrome, has materialized a “field phenomenon” called “THE VIRUS”

Neptune has been swimming through its home sign Pisces since April 2011, shifting back and forth from late Aquarius into early Pisces all year long, and then, in late February 2012,  Neptune moved into Pisces for the long haul, meaning: Neptune will be traveling through Pisces until January 2026. My own internal reflections on what this fourteen year movement of Neptune through its own sign Pisces, and the increased influence it would hold due to its affinity with its own sign, focused, way back then, especially on the Neptunian spell cast by addictions — to substances and behaviors. That, I thought, would be the usual negative manifestation. For the positive manifestation, i.e., the manifestation possible as people begin to awaken to their own shadow side that produced the addictive behavior — I foresaw visions, compassion, and ultimately communion of souls as the promise of Neptune, with each individual human recognizing him or herself as a mere drop in an infinite ocean of LOVE.

Ten years later, I recognize now that I should have added Big Media, Big Academia, Big Pharma and Big Med, Dog-Eat-Dog Capitalism and NWO Socialism/Communism as other behavioral addictions; or maybe I should call them perceptual addictions, the tendency to see through eyes filtered by the  indoctrination to which we are constantly exposed.

I’m reminded of the 1988 film “They Live.” Check out at least the scene where he first puts on the sunglasses that allows him to see the reality behind the illusion.

Here’s a terrific little video meme based on “They Live” . . .

Neptune, an outer planet with a 165 year cycle, governs the formless, boundless confusion, illusion, spells, deception, lying, spinning, and so on, all concepts some of us are quite familiar with by this time — ever since we threw away the mainstream news and started to pay attention.

There are some indications that Neptune is also functioning, by this time — about two thirds of the way through its 14 year sojourn, in its more spiritual dimensions, at least within some individuals, namely those who, despite everything, are waking up from the powerful materialized wetiko spell cast by “COVID-19.” Hopefully, more and more of us will recognize that the obvious F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) crisis that seemingly overnight infected the entire global society in early 2020 is, in turn, an enormous opportunity to WAKE UP as sovereign individuals. Meaning, in this case, to continuously recognize and shrug off/banish/laugh at/transform the invisibly swirling fear virus as it circulates constantly throughout the material/emotional/mental worlds.

Me? I make a daily practice of greeting scared, sometimes accusatory, and all-too-often downcast eyes with a big unmasked smile and a cheery “hello!” Thus do I greet literally every muffled shuffler whom I pass by on my morning walks. Who knows? Some of the downcast ones might be startled into a single, shining, split-second of wakefulness, which in turn, may linger as a beacon that lights up the dark night of the soul.


And, even more significant: we need to awaken to the fact that this virus — as well as its antidote, awareness — permeates on invisible planes.  That the virus infects, at the quantum level, manifesting not only through our bodies and minds and emotions, but through the air we breath, the water we drink, on and on. It’s ubiquitous, a global phenomenon.

Will humanity as a species awaken from this Neptunian bad dream, this ongoing nightmare, while Neptune still travels through Pisces? If so, then the fearful unity most humans experience now will have ushered in the higher spiritual expression of Neptune in Pisces, the communion of souls, the unifying LOVE that fills and fuels the universe.

I came across this recent essay by Paul Levy that amazed me by the way he can express and articulate this “field phenomenon” that he calls wetiko, and its materialized expression in the virus.

Covid-19 Is A Symbol for A Much Deeper Infection: The Wetiko Mind Virus

Levy pointed the way to Martin Winiecki, his earlier essay on the same subject, published last year, as the CV spell was just beginning. Also amazing articulation.

Searching for the Anti-Virus| Covid-19 as Quantum Phenomenon 


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6 Responses to Wetiko, an unconscious Neptune in Pisces syndrome, has materialized a “field phenomenon” called “THE VIRUS”

  1. Tony Costa says:

    Timely post, Ann. In my next e-mail, I was going to illustrate for you Wetiko, Carlos Castaneda’s “flyers”, and especially the “Archons” of the Gnostic Christians. All mind parasites that feed on negative energies, and who can only do so if we don’t pay attention to, and face and integrate, our “shadow sides”. You’ve got this obviously, but what we are going to see now is the collective of humanity facing their shadow side en masse, and it’s going to take those of us who have already looked in that mirror to help them through it. Anyone who is interested in knowing more about this, I highly recommend John Lamb Lash’s book. “Not In His Image” about the Nag Hammadi codices and the history that died with the Gnostic Christians, who were hunted down to the last person because of what they knew, had it gone “viral”, would have taken down the elites of the time.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, and then there’s The Mind Parasites, by Colin Wilson. Read that way back in the early ’70s, and was both fascinated and appalled.

    • guest says:

      “It is worth noting that the first great UFO wave of the twentieth century occurred in the summer and fall of 1947 when Jean Doresse was in Cairo examining the Nag Hammadi Codices, at the very moment the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found,” Lash writes. “This was also the year that the CIA was founded, with the dual intention to co-opt alien technology and cut a deal with the aliens, allowing them to experiment covertly on human subjects. In fact, a CIA agent named Miles Copeland was dispatched to Damascus to examine and photograph some of the first scroll fragments to be unearthed.”


      At one telling moment at the outset of his book, Lash describes how his life was transformed when, in early adolescence, he was reading a copy of Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra in the back seat of the family car on the way back from an orthodontist’s appointment in upstate New York. “I swore to finish what Nietzsche had begun,” he declares. “I vowed to think through and live out his critique of Christianity to the end.”

      With Not in His Image he keeps that vow. But when Lash invites us to embrace the “high strangeness” of what he calls the “ET/Archon” hypothesis with the Gnostic theory of alien intrusion — “the stranger it gets, the more sense it makes,” he insists — he passes wholly through the looking glass.


      “What I loved was Lash’s description of how the Christians set out to misrepresent and annihilate the Gnostic beliefs.”

      “All you may want to know about gnosis, mysteries, europa & religions history, and sacred ecology.”

      Gnostic Christians were hunted down to the last person because of what they knew

      “The ninth ray must remain in the hands of mindless brutes that we can control.”


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