I ruminate, during the final hours of the old moon, on two neighbors’ front yard signs

Presidential s-election aftermath continues here. Walking in my neighborhood, I notice a Black Lives Matter sign still up in a good friend’s yard. She works at I.U., so I don’t expect her to realize that BLM was actually a slush fund for the Democrats. I remember Candace Owen pointing this out last summer on twitter:


Oh wait! Not quite all the money donated went to Democratic campaigns. For example:


That was back in September last 2020. Now we hear that a co-founder of BLM has bought a new posh home in a predominantly white neighborhood near L.A. Where did the money come from?

BLM Co-Founder Buys Million-Dollar Home in Neighborhood with Black Population of Less Than 2%

I really don’t know what’s really what in this BLM matter, other than its sign still graces one nearby home — whose white inhabitants think of themselves as “politically correct?”

But I do, in my bones, know that BLM and the gender/social justice/critical race theory/ class/religion/politics/polarities are, often, drummed up by the ones who would divide and conquer us. They want to get us to hate each other rather than look to see who’s controlling the propaganda of academia and MSM media that endlessly focus on supposed “divisions.” All this — plus, of course, “the virus” — in order to render us so demoralized and scared of each other and our own bodies that we will gladly submit to control by their centralized authority. Their evil globalist plan.

No thanks. Not interested.

But it’s complicated. For example, borders between nations. These dividing lines are, unfortunately, necessary, at this point in human history. Otherwise, various longstanding and intricately complex cultures would collapse into chaos, as borders everywhere are overrun by desperate people — and worse, traffickers and terrorists — so that, once again, the final solution — One World Government — is brought in to save the day.

Again, not interested. No thanks.

But, as I said, it’s complicated:  where “they” want borders, I don’t. Where “they” don’t want borders, I do! 

Then there’s the Biden pretendency itself. This tragicomedy seems more and more absurdist as the days weeks and months crawl by. I notice another neighbor’s United for Biden sign still sits in her front yard . . . oh, how I am tempted to ask her why! But I don’t dare. Who knows what that would unleash? We’re neighbors, after all.

Meanwhile, most of our neighbors are decent folk, and some of them downright allied with us in the GAPV in wanting to see this world both right itself from its current upside down inside out convolutions and rid itself of the lies that fuel most of what appears to be going on.

Remember Solzhenitsyn:

And yet . . .

Several forwarded messages from Martin Geddes speak to me now:

Or, as another twitter post put it: “If you’re seriously talking about 2022, or even worse, 2024, you aren’t grasping the gravity of this moment in history. The 2020 election HAS to be corrected first, for any future election to be legitimate.”

Meanwhile, for the remainder of this day we are experiencing the waning of the old moon, in preparation for the new moon at 10:32 PM EDT tonight. New Moon: new beginnings, a new cycle. Can each of us learn to trust our own innate, inspired intuition? That to me is the question, above all.

Hmmm . . . Odd, that my fingers should suddenly, without being led by or agreed to by left-brain thought, type those particular words, and then, just then, exactly then, decide to look up the Sabian symbol for this coming New Moon: 23° Aries:

A woman in pastel colors carrying aa heavy and valuable but veiled load.  To which Mark Edmund Jones comments: “This is a symbol of the soul’s basic anchorage in the privacy of its own functioning . . . when positive, the degree is the unimpeachable integrity of the man whose fullness of life becomes a practical contribution to the circumstances in which he dwells . . .”

For when we allow intuition to guide us, the soul is in charge.



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