Is Matt Gaetz Undergoing Pelosi’s “Wrap-Up Smear”?

In all that follows, my continuing assumption is that Matt Gaetz is a good guy, a straight shooter. How do I know? I don’t; I’m just going on an intuitive hunch. However, I did look up his birthchart. And discovered something that, looked at one way, could indicate corruption, but in another way could indicate an old past life being reviewed now, with Gaetz playing an entirely different role, that of INNOCENT. Perhaps he was the one accusing another in a past life? Perhaps he did engage in not quite licit sexual activity in a past life? In any case, those Scorpio planets will stand him in good stead now. Scorpio rules both death and rebirth. The extreme MSM focus put on this so-called “scandal” will sooner or later guarantee the usual boomerang effect that we have grown quite accustomed to during this protracted Great Age of Trump.

In any case, as Marjorie Taylor Greene keeps asking: where are the women who come forward to accuse Gaetz? So far: ZERO. Contrast that with Cuomo . . .

Of course, the NYT was all over this “scandal” meant to ruin the reputation and life of a sitting U.S. Representative. Here are two of them; lots more.

And of course, more bullshit was pumped out.

For a non-New York Times description of the story:

Deep State, C.I.A., DoJ, Military Intel & Democrat Party Conspire to Frame Rep. Matt Gaetz and Extort His Wealthy Father for $25 MIL…

This scenario makes me want to look at what Matt Gaetz has been investigating lately, because he sure must be “over the target” to invite this supposed-to-be terminal “tactic” leveled against him. (Oh, but wait a minute. Supposedly, the FBI has been on this story for a year already. Oh really? Then why did it break to the surface now?) So I did a search for what he’s been up to lately. Here, from 3/20/21

Dave, on X22 Report recently (not sure which one), said that this particular “blackmail/extortion” scheme is being offered up as part of the gigantic ongoing 2020 election sting to show just how corrupt the Democrats are when they get in power. Bingo?

I looked at Matt Gaetz birth chart (set for noon, since I don’t have the exact birth time), and here’s what I noticed especially: 16° Taurus Sun, opposite Scorpio Moon (for noon is 12° Scorpio), along with 4° Jupiter in Scorpio as well.


So there very well may be hidden aspects to his character, and a deep, passionate nature. Stubborn as hell. He’s not going to be easily dislodged, and in fact, his whole short life may have been in preparation for this wrap up smear that, if it does not bring him down, will ensure he will prevail for a long time to come. 2021 through 2023 are the crucial years: transit Uranus is already moving toward conjunction with Sun and, likely sooner, opposition to Moon. Eruptions to occur of one kind or another, but will likely play out over this three year period.

Here’s an astrology reading prepared for him by an astrologer who it appears, hates Trump, and so assumes the worst about Gaetz. He utilizes lots of asteroids and other small bodies that I do not utilize in my reading of him or anyone else.

The Passion of the Gaetz

Which just goes to show: there is no such thing as a “neutral” astrological reading. All readings are done from the limited point of view of the person reading them. Plus, when considering any astrological signature (planets, their placements, and in combination with other planets), there is always a range of possibilities, from totally unevolved, to terrifically evolved, with the two fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio able to endure more protracted suffering than other signs, and the sign Scorpio, especially, capable of total transformation.

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