Well, it’s the day before April Fool’s Day . . .

. . . and the day before Juan O Savin’s famous bet that things would be made aright and Biden exposed as the fool.

Well, he’s certainly been exposed a fool, with every scripted, halting, stumbling, incoherent appearance, and those three falls up the stairs, and that most recent absurdity, his “press conference.”

(I keep wondering why my neighbor across the street, a staunch Democrat, keeps her by now weatherworn “United for Biden” sign up on her lawn. Does she know that things aren’t as they seem, that something is coming, and she’s trying to stave it off? I’m tempted to ask her, but then, I know better!)

Okay, so last night, this, from Patrick Byrne, on Martin Geddes Telegram:

To which Martin responded:

But then I think, geez! How many more thousands of kids will be trafficked across the southern border by unvetted people before August? Is it really possible that this horror show could run on and on for four or five more months? If so, what will be left of our country?

Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz, who says he has direct intelligence from the northern triangle countries that human trafficking is occurring at the behest of, not just cartels, but the U.S. Gov — and therefore U.S. taxpayer money — from the State Department through  USAID, and ends up in the hands of NGOs who are “advertising for and facilitating the caravans and movements of people into our country” —

— has himself been targeted with attempted extortion for alleged sex trafficking, as trumpeted by — wait for it — The New York Times.

Speaking of sex trafficking, here are a two more “coincidences” with that formerly innocuous name Evergreen . . . (See my other recent posts on this).

And this, the boring machine that makes the tunnels where trafficked children are moved and stored.

Meanwhile, President Trump spoke with daughter-in-law  Lara Trump yesterday.

And he says he’s considering a visit to the border soon.

Trump says he’s leaning towards a visit to the border sometime in the next few weeks.

Makes me wonder if all he needs to do is find (the actor who’s playing) Biden and shove him out of the way, since Trump’s doing the job of President anyway. Wouldn’t take much, methinks (assuming the actor stays in character). And most of us could then breathe a sigh of relief.

But then, I know, I know, this enormous, long-running sting operation that has been playing out at least since the November “election” has to be done “according to law.” Which means, we need to wait until the entire drama plays out.

Okay, so then the question becomes, what is each of us doing while waiting?

Living our real, authentic lives, I hope. Letting go of toxic relationships, jobs, and addictive habits, pursuing our highest and best goals and projects, aligning with others of like mind, gettin’ it done, each of us, here at home. Anything less, let’s face it, is a waste of our precious time. For us to think Trump, or any man, is our savior is the worst mistake we can ever make. He presents the figurehead for what’s happening at the upper levels of the social order (or disorder); we, the people, are responsible, each of us, for what’s happening at the grassroots levels. Each of us must step up to our own plate. You likely know what yours is. I do know what mine is. Do it.

And BTW: it might be what you’re most afraid of doing! What has haunted you for years! What fascinates you so much you know that if you don’t pursue it before you die, you will have failed. Yes, THAT.



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  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks for this. Very level headed. I don’t believe much of anything about either side anymore. “two weeks” oops…. I mean “four to six weeks”… We have been led down a treasure trail to nowhere. Change starts at home: no mask, no vax, no fear.

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