Rupert Sheldrake, THE REBIRTH OF NATURE, and why we need this perspective now

Note: Well, I guess #Evergreen will no longer be trending, given that the Ever Given ship got unstuck. Or will it? This six day black swan event may have started something re: a growing awareness of how children are trafficked. (See last two posts.)

Meanwhile, I find myself growing more and more fascinated by the fact that there really do seem to be two distinct, and incommensurable world-views existing on this planet, both of which are usually held in the unconscious mind, and both informing the individual’s thinking process according to their own filters.

The first is what is known formally as scientific materialism, which includes the idea that the material universe, and all functioning forms within it, are machines, and can be analyzed mechanically down to their smallest parts. The germ theory of disease is part and parcel of this unconscious materialistic world-view, which came of age in the 17th century with Rene Descartes, who divided the self into mind and body: “I think, therefore I am,” therefore only my mind is me. The body itself, according to Descartes, is a machine.

By the 19th century, Descartes’ postulation of minds was also banished, leaving only atheistic materialism. Only matter exists. And “minds are what brains do.” Until very recently, this was still unofficial academic doctrine. Psychology then, was reduced to behaviorism.

The other world view is that of panpsychism — the entire universe is alive, conscious, and ensouled. This immersive world view hearkens back to every culture that ever existed prior to Descartes! In other words, only in the last 400 years have we been led astray from our original, innate understanding! Even Aristotle, that most rational of philosophers, taught that every functioning form in nature is alive, that it is conscious, and is brought into being by four causes: material, energetic, formal, and final. Both formal and final causes invoke the  soul, which both decides the form and presents the purpose of existence. The terrain theory of disease is evocative of the panpsychic view of reality. Everything is alive, and furthermore, everything is more or less conscious, a particularized portion of divine consciousness.

I’ve been thoroughly immersed in panpsychism for over half a century now, and so thus my view that disease and wellness depend on one’s relationship with one’s own body, and conscious realization that the immune system of the body/mind is a brilliant, integrated portion of the larger divine whole.

So, during this time when the plandemic is forcing people to choose sides, most people don’t realize they have already chosen one, the materialistic/mechanical one, because that is what is still taught in schools, and reinforced by medical and other “experts.” This world-view is still so prevalent that it seems like common-sense to most people, a dominant feature of their unconscious minds that dictates the window through which they view the world. No real choice is made; their minds are already made up, because they’ve never learned how to penetrate their own unconscious minds to discover what their assumptions are, and whether or not they want to change them!

I did do this work, as detailed in one chapter of my e-book, My Secret Life: Ten Tools for Transformation.

Questioning Assumptions yields a genuine common-sense

And in doing so, I cleared out that limiting world-view and returned to what was natural to me, as to indigenous peoples and others who have not been indoctrinated with scientific materialism since the rise of science in the 17th century. Let me repeat. This is panpsychism: The entire universe is alive, conscious, and ensouled. Once one recognizes this much more expansive and mysterious way of being,  then the mind/body split disappears. My body is not a machine, it is a living, breathing extension of earth, who is herself alive, and nested within larger orders, equally alive.

Thus: caring for my own body is part and parcel of caring for earth. Permaculture: zone zero.

Here’s Rupert Sheldrake, giving us, in a very lucid manner, the historical development of the western mind since Aristotle. The good news is that he documents towards the end just how inroads are being made into the still dominant atheistic materialism world-view, starting early in the 20th century, with the uncertainty principle and quantum mechanics, widening to chaos theory. The philosopher Whitehead (1920s) especially, he lauds for his organismic, holistic view of nature as a nested hierarchy (or holarchy).

Likewise, though 17th century science banished all but the material and energetic causes of a being, late 20th century has begun to reintroduce the final cause (the purpose of a being), and to say that what happens is “pulled from the head rather than pushed from the past.” In other words one’s intention for the future (final cause) pulls matter into a particular form (formal cause). Or, as we say these days, “I create my own reality.”

For atheistic materialists, “the hard problem” is consciousness itself. There is simply no place for it in their world-view.

By the 1970s, the rise of “consciousness studies,” via the study of meditation, psychedelics, near-death experiences, and the admission of emotions as affecting the way people think, made further inroads into their “hard problem.”

In any case, I realize now that those who are determined to get the vax are likely victims of the still standard worldview embedded in their own unconscious minds since early childhood. There’s no sense in me trying to educate anybody. It would involve erasing of everything they’ve ever been taught. They must want to do this, and they must at least start to do it themselves.

Conclusion: all I can do is love them, and pray that the worst predictions for those who accept the vax do not come true.

For the germ vs. terrain theory of disease, see this.

TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS WE LIVE IN: Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

Please, please, listen to this entire video. Extremely instructive.



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