Are we about to swallow the Greatest Red Pill Ever Given?

I admit, I’m fixated on the stuck container ship that is now beginning to slow down the world’s commerce by at least 12%. Over 300 ships are waiting to go through the canal —

With the only alternative, since the late 1800s when the canal was built, to go around the dangerous Horn of Africa, adding a week to the trip, and how much more fuel? And some of those ships are themselves carrying fuel to their destinations . . .

We now know that they tried with an armada of tugs to move it with yesterdays high tide, and only managed to nudge it 18 meters. We know that the President of Egypt has now issued an order to start unloading.

And of course, we who know about the currency that runs the world, child trafficking — see here, Trump talking about this subject at some point during his presidency to the press. (You’ll have to go to twitter to play the film.)

— and go to twitter for these too:

— we all wonder if they will actually open those containers, and if so, what they will find.

Actually, I can’t imagine they would not open them, given that food and water must be about gone if they do indeed contain humans. BTW: there are apparently many ships with animals on them also currently stuck, behind the Ever Given. What will become of them? How much food and water aboard these too? I’ve not seen anywhere a concern that if there are small humans in those containers, just what the conditions are for them inside as time crawls along. They speak of the animals with compassion, but nary a mention of the likely humans.

A few more weird factoids:

The shipping company Evergreen, not just HRC’s secret service name, but could be construed as that ever-flowing green currency, human trafficking. Also, the ship’s name Ever Given, lots of people are now calling it Greatest Red Pill Ever Given. And one more oddity?:

Also, hmmm, this ship was on its way to Rotterdam. Now I see this. Related? Will there be some kind of military action associated with this long-running event?


In any case, lots of memes out there, all of them creative and funny. Here’s one.

In yesterday’s post I wondered if this entire imbroglio was divinely directed. I still wonder. On the other hand, the white hats seem to have a sense of humor, no matter how drastic the situation. So who knows? Maybe the entire movie (including the diagonally stuck Evergreen truck in China) is human-made.

For example of humor, check this out. See it? LOL.

Meanwhile, all that we know seems to be happening on screen. While we forget to “watch the water” in which we are all, what? swimming? drowning?


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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Or, just send in a battalion of local army tanks, throw lines on her like Gulliver’s Lilliputians and pull her wherever you need inside 48 hours.

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