Full Moon March 28, 2021: Are we in for an earthshaking surprise?

I set this chart up for Washington, D.C. Notice that the MC is 3° Taurus, conjunct within minutes to dark moon Lilith, the feminine energy that is not submissive (unlike Eve) , but acts independently. All three together, MC, unpredictable Uranus, and Lilith, in earthy, grounded, feminine Taurus, symbolize, to me, an earth shaking moment in time, especially when combined with Sun, wounded healer Chiron, and Venus all exactly conjunct at 8° of fiery, initiatory Aries as they oppose the 8° Libra Moon (remember: A full moon is, by definition, the moment when the Moon opposes the Sun in its monthly lunar cycle). Might this prove to be a moment of full illumination of  BRAND NEW BEGINNINGS that shake us all up and simultaneously begin a chirotic healing process?

If you recall, Donald Trump’s Midheaven (the place of public prominence) happens to sit at exactly 8° Taurus, conjunct this transiting position of Uranus, which has been operating since May 2020, and, by April 1, will begin to move off that degree. And remember that Trump is Uranian by nature, having been born under another Full Moon with Sun/Uranus in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius. He does not think inside anybody’s box. And his Gemini thinking process is always informed by a larger perspective, or world view (Moon in Sagittarius).

Whether or not Trump himself will trigger the Full Moon surprise, I have no idea.

The forming conjunction between Mercury and Neptune is also interesting. There’s bound to be confusion with this aspect, and it might also foster healing, a sense of peace and well-being spreading over the disturbed land. Notice that fast moving Mercury is also on its way to square Mars, at the end of this coming week. Action afoot!

Oh, and one more: Saturn (and see below for its square to Uranus), only two degrees from the Aquarian Descendant. Might some Aquarian group action oppose or partner with some kind of leadership (Leo Ascendant)?

That the angles of this chart are all fixed makes me think the surprise may feel like a steady, controlled explosion.

For a good explanation of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, the relevant Sabian symbols, and Laura Bruno’s more detailed perspective on this Full Moon, see:

Full Moon in Libra, March 28, 2021


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