Container Ship Conspiracy Theory? Or Real Life Movie, by Divine Design.

More and more, I’m convinced that the Evergreen ship caught sideways in the Suez Canal is a black swan event, with reverberations that will continue for months and perhaps transform the entire human world into something else entirely. Especially, if it is discovered that some of those 20,000 containers contain trafficked children.

And even if not, if the only lesson here is ultimately that Trump was correct, everything we consume here needs to be MADE IN AMERICA, then that’s yuge. Fully 12% of the world’s consumer goods move internationally through the Suez Canal, situated in the heart of the Mideast. The only alternative is the treacherous Horn of Africa, a detour of 15,000 miles.

Somebody’s taking this very seriously.

I’m also somewhat convinced that this extraordinary black swan event may have been planned, designed, as the one way to unify the entire world, no matter what one’s ideological beliefs, again, especially, if they open those containers.

At this point, thanks to the plandemic, we’re all quite used to imagining the entire world as one, with all of us equally affected by events. Though our views of, and therefore, attitude towards, that situation differ radically, depending on whether one subscribes to the standard germ theory or instead, to the holistic, permacultural terrain theory of dis-ease; or another way of putting it, whether or not we see through the matrix brainwashing of our entire society ever since Rockefeller medicine took hold, and spread incessantly ever since, by mainstream science and media — even so, this event is different. And yet, it may have been previewed by something that occurred a month ago . . .

Remember this? The Sound of Freedom movie introduced in late February at the Juan O Savin event in Las  Vegas? It has yet to be released to the general public.


If it is found that children are being trafficked en masse via Evergreen Shipping, and the entire world finds out about it at the same time, will we be able to split into warring ideological camps in our response to this discovery? I don’t think so. It’s just too massive a discovery, too horrifying.

Data points that, to me, indicate this is an event by design, including perhaps, even divine design.

  • The name Evergreen Shipping owns the enormous container ship holding 20,000 containers.
  • The Secret Service name for Hillary Clinton was “Evergreen.”
  • The ship itself is named Ever Given, but its call name  is H3RC (Hillary Rodham Clinton).
  • The two largest tugs who initially tried to pull the prow out of the mud go by the names of Baraka 1 and Mossaed.
  • Both longstanding rumors, and laptop evidence, of HRC’s  pedophilia and worse have been circulating underground for a long time.
  • On and on. Check, for example, this site for more, as it collates a lot of other material:

Hillary Clinton Sex Trafficking Linked to Evergreen Container Ship

I happened to watch Charlie Ward last night, in an interview with Nicholas Veniamin, and he’s unusually impassioned now, on this subject and more. (I even caught one aside, where he says not only is Biden dead, but that James Wood is currently playing him under the head mask! Geez! I’ve been thinking for some time now that there’s an actor playing him, and that whoever it is, is really good at it, but James Wood? Wow!)

But back to the stuck ship. Now here’s the clincher, in terms of what may be even divine design:

While we’re at it, how about this?



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4 Responses to Container Ship Conspiracy Theory? Or Real Life Movie, by Divine Design.

  1. Kara says:

    I love the way you think

  2. Also Ann says:

    Ugh. It looks like Charlie Ward may actually be involved in such trafficking. But damn it is difficult to know whether up is up or down…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      He confesses to having been a bad actor in the past, though from what I gather, he confined himself to chasing women.

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