From Discouragement to Discernment — over and over and over again!

My 2:00 AM listening last night was to Juan O Savin,  a new conversation, this time with Sean of SGT Report, who met him in Las Vegas during what I call the Aquarian Activation weekend event  just over one month ago.

Not sure when this video was actually recorded, but it cannot have been more than a few days ago. And, given that Juan has been saying, over and over again, that by April 1, April Fool’s Day,  all would be known, and Bidan and Co. would be exposed as the Fools, I’m wondering what seems to have discouraged him.

Like many people, I’ve held this particular date close to my heart, as I continued to watch the disastrous “presidential” rollout of policies meant to undo everything the Trump administration put in place, all in the interests of . . . what? . . . to prove that they could do whatever they want to us and we won’t even whimper, much less rise up and, as Juan puts it, “take back our country”?

And if so, are they right?

Dave, of X22 Report, still seems convinced that Trump and the good guys are in control, that the entire election scam was a gigantic sting operation, meant to bring down the bad guys and eradicate the Deep State that has been “in control,” for many decades. I’d like to think that, of course.

But, I must admit, this particular video from Juan left me not just puzzled, but discouraged. For his tone really does seem somewhat despairing; he does not even mention April 1 (nor does Sean ask him to), and seems to think that only divine intervention can save us now from the monstrous evils of globalism rolling out from both politics and the plandemic. Over and over, he claims that the evil globalists want to eliminate all but 500 million people, which means, he points out, that 13 out of every 14 persons must die, and all the rest, except for the globalist elite, to be enslaved as worker bees.


When you factor this horror in with the news on both the tests (nasal swabs contaminated with  cancer-causing “disinfectant” ethylene oxide),

and the so-called covid “vaccine,” designed to begin to maim, cripple, destroy the immune systems of those who receive it, instantly, or within three to six months, according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and others, then the strange malaise seemingly affecting so many who prefer to remain ignorant of the evil infecting this world, and instead are super excited to get their vax, hmmm . . . let me just say, may we live in interesting times!

Meanwhile, we here in Green acres Permaculture Village are acting as if none of this outside uncertainty verging on chaos exists. Because, for us, it does not. Instead, we are busy forging ahead with our newly Aquarian group process designed to not only continue, but to enhance our own cooperative journey to the regenerative heart and soul of this beautiful planet.

If you need a reminder, here’s a post I put up just as the astrology was shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius, back in December 2020.

From this morning’s work party, here’s Marita putting up the board to hang our small tools, all of which have been cleaned, oiled, and where needed, sharpened. YES!

And here’s Andreas, with Ethyl, bent over, busy coaxing tiny herb seeds in tiny spaces filled with potting soil.

I think that’s it! Everything has now been seeded in at least their first containers, unless seeded directly into the ground, some of which we did today as well.

So. I can dwell on what may be the coming disaster (dis-aster: to turn away from the stars) — as Martin Geddes put it, on Telegram March 24 —

—or I can dwell here, grounding into this good earth, now springing into aliveness with birdsong, in tune with my compatriots and the changing season.

And besides, here’s again Martin, same day:

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3 Responses to From Discouragement to Discernment — over and over and over again!

  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    I had followed Jordan Sather since beginning of Q. Then I found Praying Medic, and then shortly after Dave of X22. I’m really torn right now, how long do we sit tight and allow things to play out. When do we take action. It feels like a fine line. I heard the same from Juan about a week ago. All of a sudden it was about our higher power coming in. I truly believe in the divine but I also believe in taking appropriate human footsteps, and watching this CV clown show doesnt make it any easier. I had a dream a few months ago that detailed what was going to happen. Felt very prophetic, by the end of the dream there was a huge sense of peace. I’m finding it challenging to hold onto that. I appreciate your dedication and your angst as well

  2. Stevius Maximus says:

    Jordan Sather, Praying Medic and the rest of the Q Pharisees are leeches and parasites milking good citizens for money pretending to “know” the Q Anon movement. These people have doxed innocent people and are NOT to be trusted. They use their platforms to profit from, not invest in Q. #FreeAustinSteinbart #WWG1WGA

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