Let us gratefully assume that the police and the military are, for the most part, the good guys

Like most old hippies, I assumed, in the ’60s, that the cops were the bad guys, and the military even worse.

My views on both have mostly reversed.

Police.  Here’s a wonderful recent story.

Instead of Killing Mentally Ill Man, Cops Sit Down, Solve Crisis With Compassion Not Force

Military: Is what’s going on in Myanmar —

Myanmar Military Seizes George Soros Bank Accounts and Issues Arrest warrants

— a template for what’s secretly happening with the military in this country? And, will “color revolution” mastermind Soros ever be verboten here? He’s been kicked out of I think it is six countries now, including Hungry, his homeland, and Russia.

Speaking of the CIA, did you realize that this nefarious agency moved its “domestic operations” to Denver back in 2005? I was reminded of this by Michael Jaco, who spoke about the many lone-male-shooter false flag massacres that have happened in and around Denver Colorado. As ever, with this latest event in Boulder, I wonder if the shooter was an MKUltra victim.

(Two false flags now, in how many days? See this. Right on schedule, now that a gun control bill is once again being considered in the U.S. Congress. When’s the next one? Soon, no doubt.)

My granddaughter Kiera, a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder — she frequents that King Soopers grocery and, up until now, has simply loved living in the Colorado mountains — said, to her mom, after the shooting:  “The Boulder Bloom has Burst.”

I wonder if Kiera has ever noticed the creepy paintings on walls at the Denver airport as she was flying in and out from her parental home in Massachusetts.  For example:

Kiera loves horses. But does she love this stallion, right outside that same airport.

Scuttlebutt has it that underneath the Denver Airport is a gigantic DUMB. DUMB expert Gene Decode did an episode on what’s underneath the Denver Airport, but of course, it’s been taken down.

DUMBS, and tunnels, BTW, are where abducted children are hidden. Scuttlebutt also has it that the military is evacuating the tunnels and blowing up the DUMBS. Now I wonder: millions of children are transported across the seas on container ships. What would police? military? find if they opened the containers on that gigantic container ship  blocking the Suez Canal? If it is carrying abducted kids, what better way to throw this horrific hidden currency that runs the entire world suddenly into global prominence?

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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Ann…Thought I’d leave off this link to the White House live cam. It’s interesting to watch. For weeks it has sat silent and then yesterday lots of people kept coming in and out and then they began to remove stuff from the WH…Odd. I have no earthly idea what they took out. Large boxes and something big covered with a tarp kind of thing. Now the past two days the snipers have returned to the roof. Something is changed, something is going on. Have fun 🙂 VK

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