Political Correctness (Identity Politics) is seeping out of academia into the culture at large. We need to stop this, NOW.

Yesterday, a young friend of mine, I’ll call him Adam, told me about something that he went through that morning, said he figured I would enjoy it. He was right. I did.

He had decided to join an online zoom course that focuses on entrepreneurship in music and the arts, and the first thing the teacher said to the group was, “Please state your name and what pronouns you prefer.” Most of the group used the usual pronouns to signify their biological sex — “all except for one, a black woman with pink hair, who said she preferred the pronouns ‘they and them’.”

He paused, a twinkle in his eye, looking at me, who has consistently refused to “go there” in the newly ordained use of pronouns with anyone who lives in or visits Green Acres Permaculture Village. Why? Because I don’t see a human being as defined in terms of either the appearance of, or the biology of, their body. To me, this approach to “who we really are” is not only superficial and downright wrong, but ultimately extremely dangerous to the well-being of the individual, as well as society in general, since it inevitably leads to conflict between “groups” of those who “identify” their bodies in one way or another. Moreover, this so-called “fluid” gender nomenclature is one more iteration of the divide and conquer playbook of the globalist elite that would lock us all down into a draconian New World Order.

Rather: I am not my body. Nor are you! Rather, we are each a  living breathing awareness planted, for now, in our particular bodies, all of us struggling to learn the myriad (and often confusing) lessons offered by this material 3D realm.

Back to Adam: “This was all by way of introduction. So the teacher’s second question was: “What is it about the arts that you consider valuable?”

First up, our pink-haired “they.” Yep. Here we go. . . . In a dramatic, thundering voice: “The arts are valuable because they give an opportunity to radically change society.”

Well . . okay . .

Adam was the last to speak. And believe me, his response blew me away, because until now, he has not been known to truly speak his mind in these kinds of “politically correct” situations that are now infecting society at large, anchored especially from university towns like this one.

Adam:  “I think the arts and music are valuable because they can lift humans into a realm that dissolves identity politics.”

Yes! My jaw dropped open . . .

But Adam wasn’t done. “Because that’s free speech, right? Both of us, speaking our minds freely, in a democracy.”

Yes again! Yes even more! Adam, you are truly coming into your own. Just like we all need to do, as individuals, if we aim to keep both our free will and our free speech.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck interviews a professor, currently being both vilified and defended by students at the University of Vermont for speaking his mind. I’ll be interested to see whether or not the administration dares, or even cares, to keep him on the faculty.

For the definitive voice on the egregiousness of Identity Politics in general, and of which LGBTQ Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory are both examples, here’s Jordan Peterson:

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  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    Bravo to your young friend finding his voice to speak up in such a truthful loving way. No confusion there. It will take all of us doing the same. No time to be silent. So appreciate your posts

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