Do I detect fewer and fewer masks while out walking, either on folks in closed window cars or even when walking or biking? Not sure, but I think so, even in this PC university town. Meanwhile, yesterday’s planned Spring Equinox protests attracted what looks like millions of people world-wide.

But, here we are, still suffering this fool.

Meanwhile, I cannot help but think the Fauci we see today has a face that’s plumper, fuller, smoother. Did he “get (surgical) work done”? Did he gain weight? Is this an actor wearing a silicone head mask? I remember recently seeing a photo of what appeared to be the edge of such a mask on the neckline of “Fauci.” Wish I could find it now!

Meanwhile, Saint Fauci continues to pretend to be the ruler of the world with his continuing contradictory statements about what we can, cannot, should, should not do or not do, inside, outside, with family, friends, strangers, and for how long.

What do people see in him? Why do they invest such “authority” in this comic figure?

David Icke points to an interview with Fauci that, unlike the MSM, does not bow and scrape before the vast superiority of Master Doctor Fauci.

Mexico’s Eugenio Derbez Grills Liar Fauci: The Interview you won’t see in the mainstream media because he asks the right questions and Fauci is exposed as the Gates-owned Cult-owned fraud that he is

David Icke and independent journalist Jon Rappoport are two people who continue to see this entire fake “virus” scene the way I do and have always done. That it’s basically a brilliantly successful (so far) global psy-op.

Moreover, that it’s complete rubbish! That its function is to drive the entire globe into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). That fearful people are easily controlled. That what’s at state is our freedom to be who we really are. That unless we break the spell of Fear, we will be easily driven into the cage of the New World Order and locked down, in every way that counts, forever. Until we die. And our controllers hope most of us die soon (leaving, say, 500 million for worker slaves). Thus the vaccines, which might just be a genocidal weapon. That’s the scuttlebutt anyhow. I have no idea.

Meanwhile, I see from numerous sources that they’ve never isolated the so-called “virus.” Zach Bush, especially, educates on the fact that that lots of viruses, and bacteria, and other itsy bitsy thingies are in the human biome, and always have been; that the key to health is paying attention to your own immune system, which handles overloads of various sorts as a matter of course, assuming it is working the way nature intended. In other words, that we need to switch from the “germ” theory of disease to the “terrain” theory.

TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS WE LIVE IN: Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

Furthermore, that both the tests and vaccines are not only bogus in various ways, but the former may be used to gather our DNA and the latter may very well be dangerous, damaging, and, yes, I’ll say it again, even genocidal!

BTW: Jon Rappoport has done so many posts on this scam that he’s archived them, here:


Rappoport knows Fauci well, having paid attention to him since the so-called AIDS epidemic, which he claims has many parallels to what is going on now.

Here he is, making fun of Fauci’s continuing contradictions.

Dr. Fauci: A Conversation in Hell

Did you realize that Faux Fauci is “the highest-paid federal government employee in the U.S. – surpassing even the president,” Fox Business reports, with a salary of $417,608 in 2019. This information was not volunteered but came from a Freedom of Information Act request by OpenTheBooks.com.” See more (and love this title!):

Faucism — The Highest Stage of White Coat Supremacy



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  1. Allison says:

    Fauci Faulty Mask: (it wont let me post the link).

    Go to channel “And We Know” on Rumble and find March 5, 2021 video.
    Another way on Rumble, here is the exact title of it:
    3.5.21: The MOVIE reflects reality! D o o m s d@y CLOCK Links B@@M! Pray!

    (Forward to 22:30 to find the Fauci Mask)

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