Spring Equinox Today 5:37 AM EDT . . . Jupiter on the Ascendant!

For Washington, D.C., that is. I locate the birthplace there because the entire world is waiting with baited breath for the new — decentralized, cooperative, horizontally networked — Aquarian note to be sounded, ignited in the United States of America.

Notice what actually signifies the Spring Equinox: the moment when the Sun reaches 0°00 Aries. This is when the zodiacal year actually begins: old outmoded forms of the past, having composted down into rich humus (Pisces), nourish the new Arian seed as it bursts with miraculous aliveness from its protective shell.

Benevolent, expansive, far-seeing Jupiter, ruler of philosophical Sagittarius, on the Ascendant, on the rise, in the group-oriented sign of Aquarius, features its magnifying capacity of joining us together in common cause.

Speaking of which, I recently listened to a wonderful session with super-networker and Patriot Street Fighter Scott McKay, visiting with the Health Ranger Mike Adams at his natural products production facility in Texas; the two of them are drumming up something new to benefit us all.

Notice that Saturn at 10° and Jupiter/Ascendant at 20°/21° Aquarius are harmoniously trined (120° apart) at their midpoint, by the Moon in Gemini, down below, at 16°. Notice that Saturn at 10° is almost exactly trine Mars at 9° Gemini, also down below. Thus Mars and Moon are widely conjunct in Gemini, and Saturn and Jupiter/Ascendant widely conjunct in Aquarius, the two wide conjunctions in harmonious trines, fostering, since both are air signs, COMMUNICATION of all kinds. Notice also that the (dharmic) north node  at 13° Gemini, sits about at the midpoint of Mars and Moon, also trining the planets at the Ascendant, and of course, opposed to the (karmic) South Node in Sagittarius, widely conjunct the Sagittarian Ascendant.

Remember, the Moon’s nodes are the direction finder, showing us where we must go (north node) rooted in where we have been (south node).

I’d read all this as saying: it is time (north node) to set up multiple lines and nodes (Aquarius) of detailed communication (Gemini) networks between and among folks who already share (south node) the world-view (Sagittarius) of the burgeoning aliveness on planet Earth we intend to collectively manifest.

Finally, notice that in this Equinox chart all the planets are either in the hidden 12th house or below the horizontal Ascendant/Descendant, i.e., below the surface. We are still incubating, but things are ramping up at every level, with multiple lines of communication among various Aquarius networks sharing a common vision of the Spring Equinox seeding needed to move forward into Summer 2021.


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