Green Acres Village “circles around” Spring Equinox 2021

Note: “Circles around.” A phrase Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki has made famous. Though she’s mocked for using the phrase in the context of putting off questions that she should probably know the answer to already, the phrase itself? I like it. Let us learn to think in terms of circles and spirals rather than boring, rigid straight lines!

So. It just happens that instead of holding a special ceremony this year, we in Green Acres Permaculture Village celebrated Spring Equinox in advance, two days early, at our regular Community Dinner Thursday evening. And, in a very informal manner . . .

Over the past year or so, we’ve gradually gotten into the welcome habit of circling, with hands held, for someone to give the blessing before we begin to chow down on the various offerings podmates bring from their kitchens in the three houses, either outside on the patio (when it’s nice) or rotating inside. It was raining out, so we gathered in what we now call Animal House (three dogs and two cats), with the usual plenty and variety of food offerings.

At one point in our voluminous group text messages this past week, I said I (as “the astrologer”) would give the blessing this time, and speak about the coming Equinox “probably in one or two sentences.” So, as we circled, with everyone looking at me silently, expectant, and me not really knowing what I was going to say, but trusting the uninhibited spirit of intuition that feeds both mind and body, I and my body began, in a very dramatic manner. Something like this:

“The Equinoxes are the times midway between the Solstices, between the moment when  (body swinging down from the waist hard to the left) the night is longest, about to swing back into day and the moment when (body swinging from the waist hard to the right) the day is longest, about to swing back into night. So . . .  (body straightening up again), at the equinoxes, we are actually standing straight up, at our highest point, balanced perfectly between day and night, our feet grounded into the good earth below and our heads reaching for the stars.”

“So, if we can hold this balance always, not just on the Equinoxes, but no matter what, then we won’t do as I do so very often (sudden, comic lurch down to right, followed by sudden comic lurch down to the left), go way out of balance, and completely lose my equilibrium.”

With that, we all lurched, laughed, clapped our hands “Aho!” and went to grab our plates.

This time, Jim, an old regular, had returned, after a full year of Covid when nobody outside was invited in. He brought his usual fare, a huge entree with all the fixings, this time corned beef with cabbage, carrots and potatoes, in honor of St. Patty’s Day (the day prior to our Community Dinner), and he even made soda bread to go with it.

For dessert, Annie made an extraordinary cake, also somehow Irish, the recipe calling for whiskey and coffee and various forms of chocolate. Quite an evening!

The Equinox actually arrived at 5:37 AM EDT this morning. (See previous post). So we’re circling around it again. Some of us will sit in meditation at 5:00 PM today — for me, it’s sandwiched between my zoom meet with Crones Counsel for Equinox, a two-hour celebration at 1 p.m., and my zoom meet with siblings at 7 p.m. Here, we will utilize Jean Hudon’s Guided Meditation for this event. I quote extensively below, from the email Jean sent to his list:


If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at 09:13 GMT/UT, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

As usual, the recording lasts 30 minutes, and includes, after the first 13 minutes of guided meditation, an inspiring musical track to accompany your inner journey.

To let you know in the recording that the climax of the equinox has arrived, you will hear for the first time the words So be it and so it is, which are then followed by over 5 more minutes of music. If you want to remain in silence to continue meditating, after the end of this 30 minute recording, simply add nothing else in your playlist (depending on the type of device you use). Otherwise, select the music of your choice. For optimal sound quality, it is preferable that you set the equalizer settings of your mp3 player at “flat” (you add no bass and no treble).

To download the mp3 recording, please do so preferably via (using the right-click button of your mouse or the equivalent on a trackpad or a touch screen – using two fingers simultaneously), or, alternatively, via the “Download” option – accessible through the button featuring a downward pointing arrow – at It is also possible to play the recording without downloading it at the two links above. Please remember to keep a copy of this recording for your future uses in 2021, since this guided meditation will also be used for the next solstice and equinox meditations in 2021.

Thank you for your assistance in widely networking and sharing this invitation which is archived at and available on Facebook at The French version is available at

If this came as a forward to you and you wish to be invited by e-mail to the next solstice and equinox meditations, just send an email to with “I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations” as the subject of your email.


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