In the grand scheme of things, just who is Vladimir Putin?

I’m not alone in having long seen Russia’s President Putin as not only a master 5-D chess player (like Donald Trump), but also that rarest of humans in the geo-political world, a true statesman, one who selflessly serves what he perceives as the good for his own nation, Russia. (So far, it looks like I’ve written six posts on this subject over the years. Search “Vladimir Putin Exopermaculture” on duck duck go, to see them.)

I also assume, during this strange (s)election interregnum, that Trump and Putin continue to work together (with Xi and Modi?)  in their common task of making sure that the New World Order does NOT clamp down on Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

Meanwhile, we continue to witness the “President Biden” character ( sometimes an actor, other times cgi?) make a fool of himself, over and over and over.

The latest highly publicized faux pax? In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulus, he agreed that Putin is a “killer.”

And the MSM went crazy!

Just search “Biden Putin killer” on duck duck go and see what comes up! Several headlines even claim that this word “riled” Putin up.

But then, in return, Putin responded, “I wish him good health.”

Which made me laugh out loud.

Here’s the context of that remark, where he points out Biden’s use of psychological projection:

“It takes one to know one,” Putin said in televised remarks, using a saying from his childhood.

“That’s not just a children’s saying and a joke. There’s a deep psychological meaning in this.”

“We always see in another person our own qualities and think that he is the same as us.”

Putin added that he wished Biden, 78, good health. “I’m saying this without irony, not as a joke.”

Here’s one report that details the entire imbroglio.

“Soul-less” Putin Challenges “Killer” Biden to A Live Debate

And here’s an article (third of three parts) by Alex Trainer that, in 2018, asks the question “Is Putin Evil?”

Given the continuous hatred of Putin that has been drummed into the U.S. audience by the MSM for decades now, you might want to ponder all three parts of this question.

Is Vladimir Putin evil? (3/3): the corruption thing


Now, today, Biden’s latest. Go to twitter to see it. He falls three times on the way up.

To which Dan Scavino replied (again, go to twitter to see Trump climbing the stairs, of course without a hitch):

By this time, nearly two months after the January 20th “inauguration,” I sense that even Biden voters are shaking their heads in disbelief, as we all witness the  deranged Democrat playbook, to reverse every policy President Trump put in place, every improvement in relations between and among other world leaders, every decision that impacted America and especially the working class, every measure that would slow the unvetted human traffic at our southern border — and do it all fast, in order to get back on track after Killery’s loss derailed the climax of their long-held plan to bring in the New World Order. Trump’s first four MAGA years shoved a wrecking ball into the then dominant bankster/military-industrial-complex driven American Empire whose continuous, murderous,  intensely destructive wars against other nations and their peoples for private gain were also delivering young American soldiers as fodder in those wars, creating refugee flows to Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere which enabled human and child traffickers to snatch unknown numbers of them as slaves for sale, and, yes, meanwhile bleeding the American taxpayer dry.

So I can imagine Trump, with Putin, had quite a chuckle witnessing Biden’s three falls.




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  1. Allison says:

    This was definitely enlightening. Thank you.

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