Mid-March 2021, Currents in our (dis)United States: I hold my nose and wade in . . .

So. I’ve been pretty much out of synch with “the news,” whether alternative or MSM, since my cataract surgeries one week ago. However, I did listen to a meaty conversation between Michael Jaco and Mel K last night, plus got up to speed with Dave via his always positive and forward-thinking X22 report, also from yesterday — so I am aiming to saddle up again and attempt to trot to the top of some nearby hill where I can look down upon the ongoing stranger-than-fiction post-election dueling presidency fray without getting lost in it.

Take-away from Mel K, who used to work at Mar-A-Lago and recently attended a nearby event that included Trump and his family: the President (Trump) and his family are looking fine, relaxed, good, not at all worried.

Take-away from X-22: Dave just keeps plugging events as they occur into his conceptual framework of a gigantic sting operation that he says “Trump and the Patriots” are using to bring down, not only the Biden presidency, but the election fraud and other deep state corruption that’s been ongoing for decades.

However, the news that, during an interview with Hannity on Fox News last night, Trump has now encouraged people to get the vax  . . .  set me back for a second or two. Or Three. Or four . . . Really? What was he doing? Of course, I’m not going to get the vax. So yeah, I experienced an extended, twingy moment of doubt . . .

Then I came across this, from Martin Geddes on Telegram:



Okay. If Martin is correct, then my thinking is simply not nearly multidimensional enough.

So, on to when I woke up this morning. Yep. Big news! MASS SHOOTING!

Robert Aaron Long Identified as Suspect in Atlanta Area Asian Spa Shootings

Or, how’s this headline, slanted to guns.

Atlanta massage parlor shooting  suspect Robert Aaron Long had passion for guns: report

Yep, now that the second amendment has again been slapped on the table during the fake? Bidan administration, just like clockwork, we witness/endure another likely false flag lone-white-male-gunman (manchurian candidate?) mass shooting spree. Oh, and religion is on the table as well. Young Aaron was a fervent Christian God devotee. Oh yeah, and then the seamy side of sexuality; it’s on the table too, in spa shootings. (And, he claims he has a sex-addiction.) And then race, too! Mostly Asians went down.

Oh, and, were the women killed victims of trafficking in the first place? And how young are they? Just today, in the local Bloomington Indiana paper, this story, on page A3. Didn’t even make it to the front page!

Another one, on Twitter today:

Okay, back to Atlanta:  In one fell swoop, lasting several hours, in three different locations, eight people died and others wounded, with four very current hot topics addressed: guns, god, sex, race — and trafficking?  I wonder if young Aaron knew what he was doing. I wonder if he was mind-controlled. I wonder if voice-to-skull technology was used. I wonder if he was an MK Ultra victim in childhood, sprouting “alters” in reaction to trauma-based conditioning. Am I just being paranoid? Just a “conspiracy theorist”? The timing of this three hour event just way too convenient.

Lots of us have been on the alert for a mass shooting false flag. At least one event. Is this it? Will there be others? Anything, to distract us from all the rest of the madness creeping across this land.


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5 Responses to Mid-March 2021, Currents in our (dis)United States: I hold my nose and wade in . . .

  1. Mia Feroleto says:

    Both Trump and his wife were vaccinated while still in the White House. I will not be getting the vaccination.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I know that’s the claim, that they were vaccinated then, however . . . who knows? Plus, did he REALLY have covid back in October? Seems like there’s some kind of multidimensional game being played here.

      • Mia Feroleto says:

        If they were not vaccinated they would have come out and stated that fact by now. Can we stop spinning anytime soon? If Trump had not had COVID back in October he certainly would have said something.

        I cannot accept the lies being part of any spiritual path. They are incongruous in my opinion.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          I think we need to realize that this game “they” are playing is not on the usual “level playing field.” Nor is it linear. The players are constantly signalling via “commms” of various sorts in multidimensional space that none of us more regular folks comprehend. Though I attempt to make sense of the whole, as usual, of course I fail. And while I personally value Truth above all else, except Love, I’ve lived long enough to have had experiences where, given the context, it was best NOT to tell the truth. Rare, but these occasions do occur. Imagine that kind of situation magnified a thousand times with a 1000 players, all with various agendas. It boggles the mind and disturbs the heart, and that’s the way it is on planet earth during this critical turning time.

  2. Mia Feroleto says:

    Swift recovery Ann!

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