Contextualizing Covidiana Conundrums, mid-March 2021

In order to get inside The Eye Center in Bloomington, Indiana, one must mask up, answer Covid symptom questions inside the front door, smear gel on your hands, sit in only certain assigned seats in the waiting room, and not let the person who came with you inside the building. They are supposed to wait inside the car in the parking lot.

All these are apparently standard Covid rules for such institutions.

Even so, one of the many doctors I saw there for initial tests and measurements prior to my cataract surgeries (one eye at a time, on subsequent days), waltzed into the room, suddenly stopped, “Oops, I forgot my mask!” — then  turned on a dime to get one. The  assistant, sitting at a screen, looked uncomfortable (not that I could see the expression on her masked face, but I sure felt it in her body movement), especially when I chortled heartily at his discovery and hasty exit.

He came back in, and sat, masked, across from me, and thus began a tiny concentrated download from me to him starting with how FEAR has taken over the world, thanks to the media pushing the plandemic/scamdemic.

“‘Plandemic! Scamdemic'” — I haven’t heard that before!”

He was ripe for this conversation. I hardly needed to say anything more when he broke in and said, as if relieved to finally say it out loud, “Yes! I’ve noticed how CNN keeps pushing fear by saying numbers are continually going up, when I know there’s good news out there.”

Me, dismissive:  “Oh, I don’t look at CNN or any mainstream media anymore.”

As if on cue, he begins to wheel his stool forward to check the instrument that will measure my eyes: “I’ve stopped watching CNN.”

All this time, of course, the tech woman was busy squirming. Has this kind of startling, rogue interchange never happened in that building before? Is everybody there that brainwashed?

Two evenings ago, I received a call from a long-term friend of mine whom I will call Jill. Over 20 years ago, Jill and I had both discovered Cathy O’Brien’s memoir, Trance Formation of America, about her early years as a MK Ultra mind-controlled presidential-level sex slave to the Clinton White House — you can imagine the richness of our commonality re: how our respective world-views have evolved and deepened since then.

Even so, at first, in speaking with her, I was wary. We hadn’t talked for about a year. So who knows? I’ve been surprised before by dear old friends who, nevertheless, seem to have swallowed the Covid-19 fearporn.

So, once Jill started talking, and in a very heated way, about how everybody she knows is brainwashed re: Covid, I could not only breathe a sign of relief, but be happy to trade “remedies” for whatever is the sometimes strong, supposedly easily transmitted “virus” that’s out there to get us all, and is ramping up now, hugely, with “the jab.” Friends greet each other excitedly: “Oh boy, I got mine! Did you get yours?” Can you imagine, not just grimly taking it, but joyously!?!

But then, wouldn’t you know. They’re still supposed to wear masks, even though they are now, supposedly, immune, to a virus which, however, as viruses do, keeps on mutating . . . so new jabs every six months, forever?

Meanwhile, about those paper masks (made in China?) Is this true?

Is the majority of the human race proceeding to walk, blindfolded, over the proverbial cliff to certain death? Is this vax rollout genocidal? Some say it is, due to what’s in the vax itself. For example:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how the depopulation covid vaccines will start working in 3-6 months

One virologist, who works on vaccines, takes a different tack.

Expert Sounds the Alarm about Risks of Mass Vaccination

What a brilliant plan! Even better, more diabolical than war, to kill off us useless eaters!  Jill and I both found ourselves lamenting, out loud: we may have to wave goodbye to even most members of our own  families.

I told her about the tincture I made a few months ago, of cinchona bark fibers, source of quinine from which hydroxychloroquine is made. I figure I’ll just let the jar sit there until somebody in Green Acres Permaculture Village starts to get sick, and maybe just knowing it’s available will help if they tend towards absorbing the constantly mutating fear virus that is stressing their immune systems to the max.

Today, Jill emailed me, re: “covid,”  Homeopathic references Huttinga and Whatcott.  Clearly, we’re on the same wavelength.

Remedies aside, just remember folks, there really are, at root, only two choices: FEAR, AND LOVE.

Fear contracts.

Love expands.

Fear feels victim to something from without — or from something within — like the color of one’s own skin — that “oppresses” those without???

Love senses mastery within from a source beyond (God, higher power, the universe, etc.), that spreads, like invisible waves of soothing, calming, nourishing energy both within and without.

I’ve said all this before, in many ways.

There are signs that the scam is ending. Or rather that fear isn’t working on at least some of us the way it used to. For example, this cartoon by Ben Garrison, who also notes, BTW, the current contradiction:

So now that at least some of us are beginning to get pissed, and others have even picked up their stuff and moved lock, stock, and barrel from the more draconian states to Texas and Florida, both governed by saner beings, can we begin to relax?

Oops! Nope.

Lots of states are relaxing former restrictive rules, and that’s a no-no!

Yep. If the public is beginning to get pissed, that means it’s time for a more thorough lockdown.

Check out this video. Is the rollout proceeding as planned?

How to sell a pandemic

I’m dancing. And you?


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2 Responses to Contextualizing Covidiana Conundrums, mid-March 2021

  1. James says:

    >>I’m dancing. And you?

    Yep, I’m doing the anti-vax boogie up until the point where they send ‘medical swat teams’ house to house – and then I will gladly take as many of them as humanly possible with me (delivering lead injections) before they manage to kill me. I’d much rather die in honest battle than become a transhumanist borg or die of a deliberately vaccine induced cytokine storm. Then, like Martin, I plan to reincarnate as a cat of some type 🙂

  2. Doctor tenpenny on the differences between the three Covid vaccines. This doctor does an amazing job in breaking down the different type of Covid19 vaccines and how they work in the body.

    I plan to watch her video interview because of my own apparent allergies and side effects from taking big pharma drugs and they were FDA approved and apparently none of the Vaxxx’s are FDA approved (meaning none completed human trials in final stages). Will watch with interest. In the mean time I continue with my regimen of daily exercise outside, routine sleep patterns, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C and once in awhile, Chaga Mushroom tea. It still appears for me, I am better off catching it and being treated with the decades old common drugs

    I’ve now been able to watch Dr Tenpenny’s video, start to finish. Her brilliant mind plus 40,000 hours of research and vast experience in medicine, welled up tears in me to hear the problems with these vaxxx’s. There is a personal component with tears, in not being able to share Dr Tenpenny’s information with any adult member of my immediate family. They will not listen, my biggest concern lies with protecting my grandchildren. There is also a human collective component of compassion with the tears in seeing the deaths and injuries being hidden by the accomplices in CDC, FDA, and MSM. This entire process is the Mark of the Beast.

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